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The Artic Fox

No description

Mike Graham

on 31 October 2017

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Transcript of The Artic Fox

The Artic Fox
Here is a summary of my animal to end it off.
The Arctic Fox lives throught The Arctic tundra,throught Alaska,Canada,Greenland,Russia,Norway,Scandavia,and Iceland. They live in a polar climate.
The Arctic Fox
By Noah Eutsler
Where it lives
5 interesting facts
The Arctic fox has another name, the Alopex Lagopus
The Arctic fox's fur turns brown in Summer and turns white again in Winter.
The Arctic fox can survive up to negative 122 degrees Fahrenheit!
Arctic fox breeding seasons can be 9 months long! That is 3/4 of a year!
The Arctic fox's paws have special fur on their paws that allow them to walk on ce and snow, there kinda like snow shoes.
The Arctic fox's Anatomy
The Arctic fox is covered with fur.It can be brown or white depending on the season.Arctic foxes can be 2.3 feet to 3.5 long and stand 12 inches tall.It can way 6.5 to 21 pounds. Their fur helps trap body heat.
My animal is an Arctic fox
It is a vertebrate.
My animal is a omnivore.
It eats meat and berries.
It is covered in fur.
My animal is warm blooded.
My animal is born alive.
And sometimes it hunts itself
I am sorry if that last part was kinda boring but I hope you enjoyed.
BYE!!!!!! (*\_/*)
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