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Book Report: Soul Surfer

An autobiography about Bethany Hamilton who lost her arm by a shark while surfing.

Tayana King

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Book Report: Soul Surfer

Prezi By: Tayana King All the characters The setting The Mood Point of View Bethany Hamilton
Cherilyn Hamilton
Tom Hamilton
Tim Hamilton
Noah Hamilton
Alana Blanchard
Holt Blanchard The setting in this story is Hawaii by the Pacific Ocean or a beach. the moods of this story are:
-Happy because she won a surfing contest with one arm.
-Sad because she lost her arm while surfing and has to start all over again.
-Scared because a 15-foot tiger shark came out of the water and bit her arm off. the point of view in this story is First person because
Bethany uses "me and I" .

Evidence:" A lot of who I am comes from my parents". Plot The Story Elements of: Soul Surfer Bethany Hamilton is a major character. She is the main character, Bethany is round because when she lost her arm she would not give up on competing and because she has been surfing since she was 4 years old. she was 13 years old when the attack happened. Bethany is a dynamic character because after the attack she gives up on surfing and then she tries again. And its not like her to just give up. Cherilyn Hamilton is Bethany Hamilton's
mother she is a minor character and a flat character because I don't know much about her. Cherilyn home schools Bethany and has since 5Th grade. Tim Hamilton is Bethanys older brother. He was 21 years old when the attack happened. He is a minor character I know that he is the one who video tapes all of his family surfing. He is a flat because I don't know much about him. He is not really mentioned in the story. He is used to being the odd ball he is the class clown. Tim is a body boarder. Tom Hamilton is Bethanys father. He is a minor Character
and a flat character he has been surfing since he was 12 years old. The day she got bit by the shark was the day her dad was in the hospital for a surgery on his knee. Him and Cherilyn had been teaching Noah, Tim, and Bethany to surfing for a while. he was 61 years old when the attack happened. Alana Blanchard is Bethany's best friend is a minor character because she I know that she competes in surfing with Bethany. Alana is a flat character she is home schooled with Bethany (Bethany's mom is not her teacher.). Alana does like to surf also. Alana is a static character because she just stays the same in this story i do know that she is a competitive surfer and stays that way. Alana is helpful during this situation , she kept Bethany going after the attack. Holt Blanchard is a minor character because she does not mention him much is the story the only time they did was during the attack. from what Bethany says he also helped keeping Bethany going. Holt is a flat character because i can only see the nice side of him. Holt is a static character because he doesn't really change he stays nice. Noah Hamilton is Bethanys oldest brother he was 24 years old when the attack happened. He is a minor and flat character I don't know much about him she does not really talk about her brothers. Noah is a stand up surfer he is also in the photography. Exposition : Bethany has 2 older brothers, she lives in Hawaii. Bethany is a competitive surfer, her mom is a competitive surfer and her dad is a competitive swimmer.Noah is a stand-up surfer and Tim is a body boarder. Rising Action: Bethany was dangling her left arm in the cool water relaxing on her board with her right arm on the nose of the board. Climax: When her arm got bit off by he shark Falling Action: Is when Bethany is getting used to having one arm. Resolution: When Bethany
decides that she does want to
continue competing in surfing. Conflict Internal: fear. Bethany struggles with her Evidence: Bethany was afraid but she wanted to compete again. External: Bethany VS. Shark Evidence: Bethany got bit by the shark. Theme Never give up on your
dreams. Evidence: She never gave up on anything. This is the shark that attacked Bethany. This is the beach
Bethany was in during
the attack. This is Bethany surfing with
one arm. This is Bethany
Hamilton. This is the swimsuit and surf
board that Bethany had during
the attack. Author: Bethany Hamilton
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