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Bella at Midnight

Preze trying to make people want to read this book (Mrs. Sauls ELA class)

Alex Zapp

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Bella at Midnight

Bella at Midnight Setting Place: Castle Dawn Time: Renaissance
Midnight Main Characters
Rising Action
Bella has been living with a very nice family for
her whole life. She had many friend in the little
village; her brother and sister; and her best friend,
Prince Julian. They had been friends ever since
they were babies. One day, on Bella's 13th birthday,
was the day of the local fair. As bella walks by and
greets her long time friend Prince Julian, he acts as if
he doesnt know her. When Julian leaves his friends to
apologize to Bella for his behavior, he is told that he is
to leave for another Kingdom, to act as a peace treaty.
They would send their Prince, and Castle Dawn would
send Julian. But when Bella returns home she is not
able to bid goodbye to Prince, also she learns the truth:
She was living in a foster home her whole life; and her
real father, a knight, has demanded that she would be
brought back home. Bella wonders if she will ever get
to see Prince again. As she sees the conditions of her
father's house, she knows her life will never be the
same again. I think you should read this book because: This book is sort of a twist on cinderella.
It isnt as kid friendly, and it gives more
detail on the story than cinderella does.
This book would most likely be read by
girls but guys can read it alos. I think that
at some points the story can get confusing,
because it changes point of view, but it also
makes the story more interesting, and not
monotonous. Fiction foster mother foster dad Bella Prince Julian of Moranmoor
Marianne (bella's stepsister) Matilda (bella's stepmother)
Alice (bella's stepsister) Sir Edward (bella's real father) Beatrice (bella's foster mother) Martin (bella's foster father) Maud (bella's real auntie) Will and Margaret (bella's foster siblings)
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