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The Kite Runner

No description

Rachel Powell

on 6 January 2016

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Transcript of The Kite Runner

Rachel Powell
The Kite Runner
Lives in Afghanistan before Taliban
His father(Baba) puts a lot of pressure on him to be the perfect son- Amir likes to read and write and isn't the "tough boy" his father was
Always tries to impress Baba, almost always fails
"'If I hadn't seen the doctor pull him out of my wife with my own eyes, I'd never believe he's my son'"(23).
Rahim Khan, Baba's friend, is a fatherly figure
Rahim reads Amirs stories and treats him like a son
"I enjoyed your story very much, God has granted you a special talent"(32).
Amir's entire life was burdened b/c he didn't help Hassan
Amir shuts Hassan out which hurts them both
Finally, Amir takes Hassan out to the pomegranate tree and he throws them at him and screams at him to hit him back because he feels so guilty
Hassan wouldn't, instead he crushes one on his own head and walks away, making Amir feel even worse
Amir can't take it anymore and wants Hassan to leave and not be his servant anymore.
Amir takes his own bday money and watch and puts them under Hassan's mattress and makes it seem as though he stole them. Hassan and his father choose to leave and Amir never sees them again
After The Incident
Key Concepts
How does literature help us to explore the struggle between being an individual and being a member of the community?

Amirs servant- grew up together- "friends"
Is loyal to Amir
Amir treats him poorly and takes him for granted
Hassan is a Hazara and Amir is a Pashtun and Hazaras are discriminated against (ethnic groups)
Assef, a popular Pashtun makes fun of Amir for hanging out with Hassan, Hassan stands up for him
Amir realizes he's a coward b/c he didn't stand up for him
"In fact you bother me more than this Hazara here. How can you talk to him, play with him, let him touch you. How can you call him your 'friend?'"(41).
The Kite Runner
Amir 'kite fights' b/c its a tradition in Afghanistan and Hassan is the best kite runner around
When Amir won tournament, Hassan went to run the kite for him and got it but Assef tried to take it from him- he was too loyal so he didn't give it up
Assef raped Hassan as a punishment
Amir saw but didn't do anything to help- felt guilty for the rest of his life
"I could step into that alley, stand up for Hassan- the way he'd stood up for me all those times in the past- and accept whatever would happen to me. Or I could run. In the end I ran. I ran because I was a coward"(77).
Sohrab is Hassan's son
Rahim Khan talks to Amir about Hassan- brother
Gives him mission to get Sohrab- wants to redeem himself- "Come, there is a way to be good again"(192).
Has to rescue Sohrab from the Taliban- Assef
Assef beats him up
"I felt at peace. I laughed because I saw that, in some hidden nook in the corner of my mind, I'd even been looking forward to this"(289).
Sohrab reminds Amir of Hassan in so many ways
Amir changes because instead of being a coward, he finally learned to be strong enough to face what he would be given, like he wished he did with Hassan all those years ago
He grew as a person
Takes him home to live with him and his wife
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