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An Idea for the bar...

Jensen Dash

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of Idea

This Is A Calandar.... But it has a potential to earn profit.... For instance, what if each day could be baught? Why? So that the person buying it could have 50% off their tab that day! "How could 'I' get 50% off my tab?" the customer asks. You bid for it in a three week process... But How? Like This: Begining the 1'st of the month the new calendar is placed behind the bar.
This Calendar is used so people can write their names on the days they would like to have 50% off!
The bar tender writes down the names upon the customers request on those corisponding days.... Jimmy
David Jimmy _$10
Sara _$15
David_$20 David Won
_X_ $20 Is That It? No, that was only the first week!
The next week those people come back and bid on the days they wrote their names on!
This insures a competetiveness & people making an effort to come back(if only to bid)
No actual cash is used here, the person merely guesses what amount will WIN THAT DAY! When Do You Make Money? On the third week, when the winners are announced!
David was the winner here, he used his ONE CHANCE TO BID after everyone else.
The bar collected his offer and placed an "X" by his name to show he payed.
David now has the 25'th of next month for 50% off! Go David! But What About James??? James won the 27'th! He bid $60 for the 27'th because he did not want to be out bid! WHY???? James is what is called a "special event bidder"
See, it's a special day for James on sunday the 27'th!
He loves Karaoke, Drinking, and The Upper Deck.
This way James is assured that his day will be super special, and he will spend it all at his bar! James
_X_ $60 IT'S THAT EASY??? Yes, it is.
There are certainly kinks that need worked out...
But in concept that is roughly it. SO WHAT DO YOU WANT? Well, primarily I am concerned for the implamentation of my idea, it's my baby.
Secondly, a 10% cut of all profits gained from the bidding system after a test period has deemed it ready for perminant instalment.
Any Questions?

I will be glad to fill you in!

Thank You for your time,
-Jensen Dash
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