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Tekla Talk / Open Science Summit / 10-20-2012

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Todd Duncombe

on 20 October 2012

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Transcript of Tekla Talk / Open Science Summit / 10-20-2012

Todd Duncombe / October 20th, 2012
duncombe@berkeley.edu Our mission is to empower scientists all over the world to build their own research infrastructure. established 2010 post docs, graduate students and undergraduates
collaborators locally, nationally and internationally student group at Berkeley & UCSF why? how? Priming The Pump Improved science infrastructure would enable the training of local scientists our focus Current state of university science in developing countries overcrowded
few physical resources
"brain drain" So, what if we could change this?... "Science education ... is a fundamental prerequisite for democracy and for ensuring sustainable development." Wolrd Conference on Science, 1999 Democratize Science Globally university science education/research Major Gaps to Improve Science Globally:
1. Access to high-quality lab facilities
2. Links with the international scientific community
3. Access to the global stock of up-to-date knowledge
4. Availability of well-trained teachers World Bank and UNESCO report, 2000 current solutins to BRIDGE these gaps: online-journals for different countries equipment donations The Approach Equipment "We are creating a free, online library easy to follow, quality tested guides on how to of build laboratory equipment using locally available supplies." community supported, users: emerging science "regions" university labs, independent labs, high school labs, DIY user labs, ... Magnetic Stirrer ($30) Malcolm Watts Massey University, New Zealand in the works: centrifuge, rotator, spectrophotometer,
electroporator, shaker, vacuum hood,
on-stage microscope incubator, etc... How do we enable others to build this equipment? Core Members: Todd Duncombe Bertram Koelsch Kevin Lance Kate Lavero Lina Nilsson Javier Rosa Shea Thompson Julea Vlassakis Undergraduates: Michael Pan, Anthony Fernando, Amy Li, Ogugua Agu, Bernardo Cervantes, Melissa Harrison, Ben Asoulin, Kyu Son, Darren Lim and Atri Choksi Collaborators/Support: Chris Rhodes, Maria Elena Penaranda (SSI), Malcolm Watts, Matt Stremlau, Scott McNeil (DeNovo Group), Peter Vasilnak Funding: taken for Tekla Labs by Berkeley MPH Students
T. Amiel & A. Spillman in Nicaragua Community Building establish a community around building research infrastructure citizen science locally ... nationally ... internationally Bay Area - New England - New Zealand
Columbia - Peru - Nicaragua - Nigeria - Vietnam The Searcher 3D Printing Competition Fan-fuge 3D micro-manipulator centrifuge from a computer fan Print-My-Lab by Lina Nilsson and Bertram Koelsch ` -research and solve local problems
-build technology-based economies What do you need? With help from the Would you build it? With help from the Online
Database Build-My-Lab Tekla Labs is organizing an upcoming competition! ~Jan - May 2013 Details will be announced soon join our mailing list:
teklaupdates-subscribe@lists.berkeley.edu Interested in sponsoring the event? contact Lina Nilsson - nilsson@berkeley.edu UC Berkeley Graduate Assembly Join our mailing list: Visit our website: teklalabs.org Contact us: duncombe@berkeley.edu TeklaUpdates-Subscribe@lists.berkeley.edu Add your design: Online
Database guides.teklalabs.org Start your guide! Ask a question illustration based

intuitive guides so we asked, teklalabs.org guides.teklalabs.org empowering the low-resource scientist if you were given instructions,
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