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MRSA Prezi

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Alicia Heath

on 8 December 2015

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Transcript of MRSA Prezi

Is caused by a bacterium known as;
(MRSA) Methicillin-resistant
Staphylococcus aureus

MRSA is a disease that is caused by antibiotic resistant bacterium, and can be hard to treat with people. It causes boil like holes in the skin that usually start as a rash towards the earlier stages. Staph cells can be found on the skin and in the nose of healthy people, its when it enters the body that it can become a problem. MRSA is a type of staph bacteria that became resistant to the antibiotics used to treat it. It can range anywhere from being harmless to being threatening or harmful to the carrier.
What is MRSA?
Stages Of MRSA
MRSA has multiple stages that occur.
Symptoms of MRSA
The Treatment of MRSA
MRSA can be treated with specific antibiotics. To find out if you have MRSA in the first place, doctors can swab your nose and run a test. Most cases are successfully treated, leaving out a few exceptional cases where it couldn't be treated. MRSA is cured best if found in one of the earlier stages rather than when its getting to be too late. If MRSA isn't treated, it can lead to other health problems and even diseases in some (often rare) cases.
Is MRSA spread only from human to human?
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Staphylococcus aureus
How Is MRSA Spread To Humans?
People can get MRSA from;
Sharing hygiene products with a person who has MRSA
Being in generally close contact with someone who has MRSA, especially skin to skin contact
A household pet such as a cat or dog
Having an open wound or a break in the skin
Information citations;
Spider-like bites that appear also as a rash (often painful)
A fever
Puss filled boils
crater like holes on the skin
A red bump under the skin
Anyone of the skin problems is (are) warm to the touch
Too often people brush these symptoms off thinking that they are nothing of importance, but actually they make their case of MRSA get worse by doing this. It is due to the fact that these symptoms are usually thought of as something else or resemble closely to something else.
After Presentation Question;
Prevention of MRSA
Where in the World is MRSA found?
Stage one:
Here is one example of (many) stages that might occur;
Stage Two:
Stage Three:
A pimple like rash appears on some part of the body, and is possibly painful.
A crater-like hole may appear (you may have multiple of these).
A boil-like thing crater forms, and leaks very infectious puss, or drainage. This is possibly the after form of the crater-like hole you started with.
Note that these aren't the only forms of MRSA that can occur. MRSA may also take these forms in different stages.
All Pictures came from;
"MRSA ... Common Antibiotic Increases Spread of Deadly Superbug." KnowTheLies.com. N.p., n.d. Web. 07 June 2013. <http://www.knowthelies.com/node/8190>.
There are some things you can do to prevent yourself from getting MRSA.
Keep your hands clean, especially in close contact with a someone who has MRSA
If possible steer clear of people with MRSA
Do not share things such as hygiene products
Be clean in general
Keep open wounds or breaks in the skin covered until they are healed over
Although there's not much out there on this particular subject of MRSA, MRSA originated in the UK in the year of 1961. Since then MRSA has spread to almost every single country in the world.
This presentation is brought to you by Alicia Heath
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