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Personal Learning Environment

A presentation on my personal digital learning resources at the University of Leeds

Alex Fitzpatrick

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Personal Learning Environment

Alex Fitzpatrick Univeristy of Leeds Human Physiology Reports & Research Darts

Ten Pin Bowling

I've recently become wine society president
Facebook is a vital tool to communicate! More reputable online resources are:


These contain biomedical articles and journals Google
Normally results will bring up Wikipedia as first resource
This is good for a general idea around a topic First port of call normally:
Library for books or
Internet search engine VLE has relevent lectures Often have to work in pairs/small groups:

Wikis So many students, we don't know everyone!

In group work we e-mail to meet up Followed by a facebook 'friend add'

We can send messages to each other as a group
Facebook is good in the way you can see the conversation in one place Facebook also helps the societies I'm in to comunicate:
Social gatherings
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