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Itinerary 2013

Koen Vanmechelen's travels around the globe - the highlights of 2013.

Koen Vanmechelen

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of Itinerary 2013

Itinerary 2013
Wasserman Projects, Detroit (US)
Marble production
Carrara (IT)
Build-up Biennial of Venice (movie)

Arena de Evolución (prospection)
Havana (CU)
Arena de Evolución
Cienfuegos (CU)
Infinity - C.C.P.
Sint-Trudo Ziekenhuis, Sint-Truiden (BE)
Mechelse Styrian - CCP17
Galerija Kapelica, Ljubljana (SI)
Art Cologne (DE)
Leaving Paradise
Connersmith, Washington DC (US)
Inzicht, Coming World - C.C.P.
ArtZuid, Amsterdam (NL)
Spawn - C.C.P.
Biennial of Venice (IT)
Under my Skin - C.C.P.
Biennial of Venice (IT)
Evolution of a Hybrid (at Pavilion 0)
Global Artist's Award - Lecture Framer Framed
Venice (IT)
Events @ OpUnDi
Launch Krizoom - Art Auction Bond zonder Naam
Modified Spaces - C.C.P.
Beelden op de Berg, Wageningen (NL)
Build-up Protected Paradise
Gallery Guy Pieters, Saint-Paul de Vence (FR)
De Wachtkamer - Schatten van Vlieg
Kruidtuin Leuven (BE)
Open University of Diversity,
Hasselt (BE)

Prospection trip and lecture at Tori Oso,
Paramaribo (SR)
University Amsterdam@ OpUnDi
Hasselt (BE)
Visiting Rurart
Poitiers (FR)
Expo & lecture at Prix Forum
OK Center, Linz (AT)
Debate with Prof. Zeilinger, quantum physicist Auslandskulturtagung, Vienna (AT)
Evolution of a Hybrid at Bozar Electronic Arts Festival
Lecture at the European Poultry Genetics Symposium
Venice (IT)
Lecture with dr. Ombelet at Unite for Sight Global Health Conference
Yale University, New Haven (US)
Hotel de Inmigrantes - Cosmopolitan Stranger
OpUnDi, Hasselt (BE)
"ART" for infertility: Women Create Life & the Walking Egg
World Health Organization, Geneva (CH)
COMBAT at Commandery Alden-Biesen
Bilzen (BE)
Spawn - C.C.P., Murano >< Merano
Glasstress, Merano Arte (IT)
Feed The World, Art and Advice
Kermt (BE)
Koen Vanmechelen is one of the guests at the NCRV Casa Luna radio show
Hilversum (NL)
Taking a day off before heading to Linz
Salzburg (AT)
Glasstress - White Light | White Heat
Fashion Space Gallery/The Wallace Collection, London (UK)
Picking up our first Cuban Cubalaya chickens
Frankfurt (DE)
cosmOpolitan gallery, Genk (BE)
Preparation of Arena de Evolución,
Havana (CU)
Leaving Paradise at Art Sanya
Hainan (CN)
Taking the CosmoGolem to Zimbabwe
Harare (ZW)
Production check-up
in Venice (IT)

in Ljubljana (SI)
New Narratives for Europe: speech by EU President Barroso
Milan (IT)
Expo Protected Paradise
Gallery Guy Pieters, Saint-Paul de Vence (FR)
Happy Holidays!
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