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SO Tree

No description

Lisa Perkins

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of SO Tree

Building a Foundation 2013 ServiceOttawa
Project Areas 2007: Council identifies Service Delivery as a key priority

2008: The path to Service Excellence Phase 1 - positive service experiences will result from a focus on: empowering employees, focusing on clients, and focusing on operational efficiencies, which will lead to increased trust and confidence in the City

2009: Beginning of an enterprise approach – staff in City Departments working together for horizontal services to clients

2010: Building the Service Foundations - equipping staff through investments in technology tools result in Service Improvements and efficiencies in City Departments ServiceOttawa Projects Consolidation of Intake through Phone, Web, In Person 2011: Creation of the ServiceOttawa Department approved by Council - ServiceOttawa and 311- starting One stop Municipal Service Delivery

2012: Service Excellence Phase 2 – Focus on City Clients...transformational, client-centric and enterprise-wide

2013: My Ottawa Account - one payment system, one business account number, service that anticipates client needs Mandate The ServiceOttawa Department leads the implementation of Service Excellence in the City of Ottawa and is responsible and accountable for the front-end customer experience when residents access City services. Vision To achieve better outcomes for Ottawa residents and businesses by providing a consistent and positive client experience across multiple channels with a focus on Service Excellence. ServiceOttawa Departmental Accountabilities Delivering City-wide Services Improving the Service
Experience 45% of our employees work behind the scenes with other departments to continually monitor and transform the service experience to meet and exceed the public's expectations. 55% of our employees interface directly with the public delivering City information and services through City-wide client channels:
Web channel: ottawa.ca
Phone channel: 3-1-1
Counter channel: Client Service Centres ServiceOttawa: Working Horizontally We are a horizontal department - we partner with each department to enable service delivery improvements and efficiencies through:
- Information
- Tools
- Technology
- Process changes ServiceOttawa 2010-2012
Laying the Foundation Think of what's possible
for your department... use these City-wide tools, technologies and processes to improve the service experience of your clients. ServiceOttawa Strategic Direction
2013/2014 Outcomes:
1. Increase Client Satisfaction
2. Reduce the Cost of Delivering Services Improve the Client
Experience Improve Client Access
to City Services Service Bundles Segmentation Client Expectations One Client View Channel Management Fun Facts about the Counter Channel Fun Facts about the 3-1-1 Contact Centre Targeted Service Improvements for Businesses & Older Adults - guidance for business start-ups, online permits and licenses, ambassador service, business number consolidation with CRA, BizPal and Business Gateway Business Services Older Adults Services - simplified registration for recreation activities and volunteering City-Wide Service Improvements 2013 ServiceOttawa Project Areas Enterprise Permits & Licenses (EPaL) ePayment Standardized Processes for Common Transactions Identity Management Framework Ottawa.ca Enhancements Mobile Workforce Solutions - simplify and streamline permits & licenses and move online (e.g. parking, pet ilcenses, etc.) - ability to group select payments for multiple services into one transaction and pay online, by phone or in person - create user accounts and protect client information - includes My OttawaAccount, MyBusiness Account, In My Neighborhood, etc. - request, register, inquire, and pay for common transactions and pay online, by phone or in person - deploy mobile devices and solutions for specific field and office business units 2013 ServiceOttawa Project Areas By-law Dispatch Transformation Community & Social Services Process Transformation Revenue Consolidation 2013 ServiceOttawa Project Areas Department-specific Service Improvements Environmental Services Traffic Operations - Clyde counter consolidation, solid waste closed loop process and deploy mobile workers - reengineer and automate work and deploy mobile workers 2013 ServiceOttawa Project Areas Back-end Improvements Business Intelligence - technology improvements in HR with a focus on Hiring Manager, Delegate and Candidate self service - enable improved financial analysis through a new analysis and reporting tool Human Resource Automation ServiceOttawa Fun Facts Delivering services on behalf of the City Technologies to enable mobile work 3-1-1 counter consolidation 3-1-1 Contact Centre - Coaching
- Quality & Assurance Program
- Customer Service Training
- Customer Experience Measurement - Coaching
- Quality & Assurance Program
- Customer Service Training
- Customer Experience Measurement Launch of Pilot Citizen Service Centres (CSC) at Public Libraries Goal of Satellite CSC's: - make City services more accessible
- offer services in a one-stop-shop approach
- capitalize on City partnerships and provide value added services to customers served by the Ottawa Public Library Ruth E. Dickinson Branch Satellite CSC: Staffed with a Customer Service Agent and a PC dedicated to ServiceOttawa. Cumberland Branch Satellite CSC: PC dedicated to ServiceOttawa and a phone line
connected to the City's 311 service. Services Available at the Counters Services NEW to the Counters in 2012 - New animal Licensing
- Renewal of Animal Licenses
- New Business Licensing Applications
- Business License Renewals
- Noise Exemption
- Special Occasions Permits
- Email petinquiries@ottawa.ca - OC Transpo Products
- Parking ticket payment
- Water and Tax bill payment
- New and Renewal of Animal Licenses
- Solid Waste Bin coupons, calendars, yellow bags
- New and Renewal of Burn Permit
- Any City Service Request
- And more! Available Services at the Counters The 3-1-1 Contact Centre is responsible for handling approximately 50,000 calls per month- this amounts to over 600,000 calls per year! The 3-1-1 Contact Centre is frequently the first point of contact for non-urgent requests across the City of Ottawa, and as a result, is a significant client-facing entity in the Corporation Stats about 3-1-1 Agents: On average:
- 9 to 10 calls per hour
- 72-80 calls per day (8hour shift)
- 30 training hours per year
- Average talk time per call: 190 seconds Fun Facts about the Web Channel Submit service requests anywhere anytime: More than 250 service requests are currently available on the City's website. In the next two years, even more of the popular service requests that residents frequently access will be made available online. Open Source is a philosophy that promotes free redistribution and access to an end product's design and implementation details. Did you know... Did you know... Social Media has added the ability to share information about programs and services through Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds and email on Ottawa.ca What is a Toughbook? It is a laptop styled personal computer that can withstand harsh field environments, such as: Toughbooks are used to help our front line City staff facilitate service requests. - excessive vibration
- dust, dirt & water
- impacts including being dropped
- excessive heat and cold Service Partnership
Management Why Focus on Improving Service? Customer Satisfaction Survey Results Very positive results on interactions with City employees

Negative results on timeliness and ease of access - 400 phone lines

- 1 in 3 calls are people following up on the status of their first call

- 16 individual permits and licenses for businesses

- 9 call centres

- Can't access all services from our Client Service Centres, Ottawa.ca, or 3-1-1

- 2.5/5 satisfaction with Ottawa.ca What is the most common service request at Client Service Centres? Municipal property tax service requests The ServiceOttawa Story... The ServiceOttawa Story... ServiceOttawa Organizational Structure Donna Gray Director Andy Boileau Andrea Fobert Nancy Greenfield Michelle Grégoire Marcus Davies Mgr, Client Operations Branch Mgr, Service Transformation Mgr, Quality & Standards Mgr, Knowledge Services
& Web Experience Mgr, Organizational
Development Manages the Client Services Centres and the 3-1-1 Contact Centre. Manages the ServiceOttawa projects. Finds opportunities to improve the service experience for clients. Tracks and monitors the client experience with City services. Manages information coming through the service-delivery channels and manages the ottawa.ca platform. Maintains a culture of Service Excellence at the City. Jeff Bumstead Andrea Fobert Mgr, Service Transformation Mgr, ServiceOttawa
Enterprise Program Knowledge Base: one source of truth. Business intelligence tools to improve management reporting New ottawa.ca platform *statistic from before the ottawa.ca platform change in late 2012 The City issued a total of 4,695 Marriage Licenses in 2012. Did you know...
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