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No description

Matthew Mendoza

on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of Minecraft

There are different types of mobs in minecraft there is
about more than 200 kinds of them. Here are the animals. Chickens pigs cows wolf bird alligators and snakes. And here are some of the monsters zombie zombie villagers enderman. Ender dragon gast and pigman and skeletons.
And don't look at the endermans eyes or you will get a strange noise. And they can teleport. And the pig man only live in the nether. And also gast live in the nether to but they shoot fire balls.So be carfull in the thre nether.But mostly be carfull in
the overworld.That is because there
are more dangers mobs.So i would pack a sword with you at all times.


there are lots of people in minecraft and here they are villages baby villager steve. And the most evilest person and thing which is herobrine the god of evil. so i would stay away from him. And he looks like steve but with white glowing eyes. And he can destroy your house in one second .And there also a man called noch he made minecraft. And herobrine made all the monsters.He is really bad. So stay away.Or the monsters


In minecraft you can also mine but if you want to go mining you will need a pickaxe. So you can mine the stone and other stuff like that. And theres other types of mines like if you mine down. You can find a spider cave with alot of spiders. Or you can a mine shaft which might have any types of monsters in there. And if you go mining you might find some ores. But i would still be careful when you go mining so i would bring a sword if i were you.And don't dig straight down.If you do it will be a bad way.

Minecraft !!!!!!
Minecraft is a game where you are in a blocky world where you can do everything you want to do. You can build houses, play with your friends, mine places for resources, fight monsters and more. You can see cows, pigs, chickens, birds, crocodiles, snakes, all types of animals and you can find monsters. Minecraft is really cool to me because it's just a normal world, but once you get into it you realize it's really weird and just like ours! It is like our world but way more dangerous. It's
a really amazing game for a lot of reasons. You can be anyone you want. It's cool to have your own skin and play with your friends. You can do every thing you want, no one can boss you around so be creative. This presentation is going to give you some tips so you know about this game. Hope you can play Minecraft!
There are also many kinds of weapons to. And here are some. Sword bow and arrow tnt flint and steel gun. And there are more. And the reason the weapons are in minecraft. Is because so you can kill the monster. And there are some tools. Like a hoe shovel axe pickaxe and way more . And some time they break . the most power full is emerald.Tools theres like 100 types of them and they are cool.Some if you enchant it so it can have one power or more some possibe powers,knockback,sharpness,swiftness,there are so many.The thing that can make you survive is weapons.


Real life minecraft
There are a mob that

that make your minecraft
world look in real life its so cool.But it is still the Minecraft
you know but realistic it was
created by notch.The creator
of minecraft .I think it is the
best mob ever.I think that because it lookk like real life. It also make that mobs. In regular minecraft and make them realistic.It is so cool.It is that way because it's like if you are in the game.
by Matthew
Food and drinks!!!!!
Num.num.num do you know the food in Minecraft
if you don't you do now.There are a bunch of food
Minecraft you can get them from animal,monster
even from plants some you have to cook but the
rest you don't have to if you don't want to. the food and drink that you can get from a cow is raw beef or
cooked beef if killed with fire.There is also milk if you kill it it wont drop the milk.You will have to milk it with a bucket click it or tap the cow to get it.The food that you can get from a chicken is raw chicken
but if it is killed by fire it will be cooked chicken.The
food you can get from a pig is porkcop its the same
thing if you kill it by fire it will be cooked there is many food that you can get i cant tell all of them.
But i have to say they are good yum.
weopons and tools

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