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Decision Making

No description

Sara Balliett

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of Decision Making

Step 1: Identify The Issue
Step 2: Identify Your Options
It's time to step back and think about your options. Most of the time are choices are
not limited to one or the other
. Many times we tell ourselves that we only have choice A or B when we really have many options that we could choose!
Step 4: Weigh Your Options
Think about the choices that you have and consider each one. Think about the
Pros and Cons.
Step 5: Make Your Choice
After you have weighed your options you can make an educated decision. Choose the option with the most pros or the option with the least damaging cons.
Once you have made your
choice. Stick with it.
Why is this important?
Your choices determine your character.
Your character determines who you are.
You don't want to be someone that makes bad choices because bad things happen to people that make bad choices.
People that make good choices have good character and good things happen to people that make good choices.
Is it too late?
No, it is not too late to start making
educated decisions
Sometimes we have a tendency to live in the now and think that the way things are right now will be how they are forever.
The future goes on forever. Your life and your circumstances will change. You will have to make
new decisions
. You make decisions every day. It's
too late to start making educated decisions.
Your Turn
What kind of character do you want to have?

What kind of decisions do you want to make?

What are you going to start with?
Decision Making
How to Make Intelligent Choices
Before you can address an issue- you need to know what the issue is! Maybe the problem isn't that your friend had a different opinion. Maybe the issue was that you didn't feel heard. Maybe you ARE the issue.
Your Issue
Let's say that you identified an issue with your friend. You felt like your friend was causing too much drama in your life.
Option 1
The first option that you thought of was that you could decide to let this friend go and find a new friend.
Option 2
The second option that you thought of was that you could talk to your friend about leaving you out of her/his drama and walking away when he/she brings it up.
Option 3
The third option you thought of was that you could try to help your friend work through the drama.
Option 4
The last option that you thought of was that you could refuse to listen to the drama and only be around the friend when he/she decides to grow up a little.
*Remember you have choices*
Pros: These are the
positive consequences
of the choice.
Cons: These are the
negative consequences
of the choice.
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