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Interactive Blogging

learning Spanish

Malba Barahona

on 23 December 2014

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Transcript of Interactive Blogging

Interactive Blogging in learning Spanish
An artifact that mediates students' learning.

A tool to bridge proficiency in Spanish and current affairs in the Spanish speaking world.
Active participants
content creators
engaged in the content
highly interested & motivated
highly challenged
a facilitator
To provide scaffolding to students (give examples, demonstrations of blog entries, writing tips,summaries)
•To make corrections on the use of Spanish.
•To challenge students and encourage discussion
•To summarise news in Spanish

•To understand current affairs in the spanish speaking world•

To debate about a controversial topic

To write a critical piece about a controversial topic

To demonstrate culture awareness & sensitivity through the tasks
What do students learn?

flexible web tool
user friendly
What do students say about blogging in Spanish?
Post on class blog
Comments to classmates' posts
Reply to comments
Present a topic to the class
Debate about controversial topics
I looked forward to attending each tutorial because the program provided for us by the tutor was always interesting and engaging. We were given lots of opportunities to practice our spoken Spanish and learn about various aspects of Spanish and Latin American culture. (S1-2010)
Everyone felt included in the conversation, even if they did not have a lot of confidence when speaking. The tutor also encouraged active involvement in the course through providing stimulating comments on the blogs, encouraging us to think deeply about the topics. (s2_2010)
The use of blogs was a really fantastic and innovative way to learn language and really helped me to see how useful language is for communication in the modern world. As a student, I really appreciate how the Spanish Department is committed to using modern technology (such as blogs and ipods) to make learning interactive and prepare us for using a language in real world situations. (S5-2010)
To immerse students into the Spanish speaking world, through polemic current affairs.

To develop both receptive skills and productive ones with a higher focus on productive skills, both writing and speaking

To present complex ideas in Spanish.

To debate about polemic issues in Spanish.
Dr Malba Barahona
Pedagogy of social learning
fundamental role of social engagement in learning 'human learning presupposes a specific social nature and a process by which people grow into the intellectual life of those around them' (Vygotsky, 1978, p. 88).
dialogic pedagogy is a requisite component of effective teaching.
dialogic conception of pedagogy which encompasses not only a dialectical understanding of the social relations of education but also of conceptual development (Daniels, 2012).
Elegí este curso porque quería mejorar a mi español y también expandir mis conocimientos del mundo hispanoamericano. Siempre he estado interesada por la historia y la cultura de este continente y estoy estudiando las relaciones internacionales con el fin de trabajar en Latino América. Hasta ahora, he encontrado las clases muy interesantes. Me han dado nuevas perspectivas a través de las cuales puedo ver el mundo Latinoamericano y espero desarrollar mi propia perspectiva a medida que aprende y descubra más. (ST_6_2012)
En este curso, quiero practicar y mejorar mi español hablado y aprender más sobre el mundo hispano.(S5_2012)
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