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RefWorks: 2013

No description

University Library

on 24 April 2017

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Transcript of RefWorks: 2013

Why use RefWorks?
Gathering references
Using folders
Bibliography / Reference list
If we can help with anything, let us know.

+44 1334 462283
Gather your references in one place
Quickly create a bibliography in your chosen style
Use Write-N-Cite to insert in-text citations
Let's log in to RefWorks (
) and create a folder called "
Library session
Always login using
My Institution's Credentials (Shibboleth)
Login with your
University username and password
Chrome doesn't always work, if you get stuck in a loop trying to authenticate,
use another browser
- Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.
Getting references into RefWorks
From file
Direct from journal web page or database
Type in the details
Manually add a reference for:
Dillon, John. "Platonism." The Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece and Rome. Ed. Michael Gagarin. New York: Oxford University Press, 2010. 307-312.
Remember to add the reference to your "
Library session
" folder
From a file
If you want to import a list from different referencing software - EndNote
If the database doesn't have a direct export
For example, SAULCAT - Library Catalogue
Direct export
Some databases have this option - Example:
JSTOR, Arts & Humanities Citation Index, SEEKER

Look for:
Try adding a reference from SEEKER, and other databases (JSTOR, AHCI) if we have time.
Remember to add the reference to your "
Library session
" folder!
Logging in
Now you are ready to cite!
Select your style
Insert citation
Select source
Create bibliography
For example
Double-click to edit in-text citation.
Add page numbers to
or tick "
Override Pages:
" add correct page, click
Open Word
Login to Write-N-Cite
Insert a few citations and create a bibliography using your "
Library session
" folder.
Bibliographies, not using Write-N-Cite
In RefWorks, make sure you are viewing the folder of references you want to use
Adding a PDF to a reference
Save the PDF first (to most convenient place)
In RefWorks edit the reference
Browse and add the PDF
Look out for the paperclip:
Using Write-N-Cite
Using the references you've gathered to create in-text citations as you write!
Getting started
Remember to check the reference information is correct.
Create a bibliography from specific folders or lists in RefWorks
Use Write-N-Cite Word add-in
A note on styles (
e.g.: MLA, APA, Chicago, MHRA, Harvard
): check with your School or who will be marking your work so you know what style to use.
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