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Superhero/Villian Element Project

No description

Taylor Duenas

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of Superhero/Villian Element Project

By. Diana Campuzano and Taylor Duenas Superhero/Villain Element Project What is your characters name? What element gives the power? Periodic Table information...What are the properties of the element? How is the element used? Description of how your character acquired and lives with her power... Element name- Oxygen (O)
Atomic number-8 Atomic mass-16
1.) -219 °C is the Melting point for Oxygen.
2.) -183 °C is the boiling point for Oxygen.
3.) In normal conditions oxygen is a colorless, odorless and insipid gas. 1. Life. All living things, with the
exception of a few types of bacteria,
need oxygen.
2. Medical Reasons
3. Industrial Uses Our character received her power from a time where she had little oxygen and this power saved her life. Powers- strengths or weaknesses based of elemental properties... Her strengths are that she is able to help people in need, but she can also take oxygen away. Her weaknesses are when she is high up in the air and there is little oxygen in the air, it makes her dizzy. What does the character look like? How old are they? The character is 14 years old, she is short, has some muscle, and wears around a brightly colored shirt with her name. She wears jeans so she blends in with other people. How would your character be included in the X-men Movie? She would be included in the X-men movie because she would be used to save people who need oxygen, also there are not many female superheros. Our characters name is The Beast, and the element Oxygen gives her power to give people life at different times.
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