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No description

sonya durney

on 10 November 2015

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at your local library

created by Sonya Durney
Portland Public Library

Business Plan
Case Studies/Examples
Company/Industry Info
Global Business
Human Resources
Legal Forms
Managing Operations
News/Trade/Academic Articles
Performance Reviews
Sales Strategy
Tax Planning

You'll also find
professional staff
eager to connect you with the information you need to grow your business...
Pro Tip: what most folks don't know is that with your library card you have (free!) access to our robust online resources.

Looking to grow your business? Visit your public library and you will
find plenty o' books on the topics you need to grow your business....
PPL's Business Resrouces can be found at:
Business Insights Global
The brewery business in Maine is
booming, let's take a closer look at that!
Use RefUSA to determine who your competition is
You can also find businesses (beer wholesale, beer retail, restaurants and pubs) that could distribute your product, search locally or anywhere in the U.S. or Canada
RefUSA also has Consumers Lifestyle function in the White Pages module to identify individuals who are into different things. For instance you can generate a list of folks in the Portland area who are into Gourmet Food and Wine. Hey! They might also like your beer! Using this you can target them for a marketing campaign.
This information is gathered by our consumer patterns. For instance, if you subscribe to a magazine about food, your name might come up on this list. The list generated will give names, addresses and phone numbers.
For example you can run a search to pull up all of the breweries in Maine. Here is what your results will look like...
You can then download all of this info into a spreadsheet!
Space to work, conduct meetings, free wifi, equipment including fax, photocopy machines and a 3D printer...
Business Source Complete
So, if you are looking to grow, be sure to check in at your local library!
Maybe you are looking to expand to a new location? DemographicsNOW pulls data from
the U.S. Census and a variety of independent research firms to provide you with the data you need to size your market.
Online full access to all of your favorite business journals
and so much more!!!
By clicking through the each businesses page -
you can gather a lot of information.
Here is an overview of the lifestyle options:
Here is a basic demographic snapshot of Portland.
Since we are talking about brewers, here is some info for the Consumer Expenditure Survey on what the average person in Portland spends on ale at home and away from home.
Here is that same info in a nifty graph.
Maybe you want to expand to a new location and are curious how much traffic travels by? This resource provides that info from Trafficmetix. The yellow dots are low traffic areas, red are considered high traffic areas.
Using this resource you can research global markets, companies and trends.
There are also great case studies to read on this site.

Find Industry Essays and an overview of the global market for beer and ale.
Similar to ReferenceUSA, you can learn a good deal about different brewers.
And you can make fun charts comparing companies!
An Industy profile essay
Or you can call, email or even text us for info!
How lively is the craft beer scene in Maine right now?
Consider this: over the past couple of years, small breweries have been opening at the rate of about one a month. Source: Down East Magazine
Business Source Complete is an amazing resource for all sorts of business info. Including industry profiles, market research, SWOT analysis, product reviews, trade journals and more!
Here is an example of a 196 page report on beer and wine stores.
A SWOT analysis for the
Boston Beer Co.
Notice there is a link here to the various brewers trade associations. Getting a booth at their conference might be a good way to drum up some new business.
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