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haley rivas

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of 4-15-10

Global Warming Carbon All living things contain carbon Carbon bonds store energy. Millions of years ago some dinosaurs died in water, the water pressure turned them into black goo. What we call oil. We burn fossil fuels to break carbon bonds releasing energy. This is how we power cars and other everyday things. Carbon is a very special element that loves to
bond as much as it can, but it's favorite element is
oxygen ,and it wants two of them to make
CO2. Now you might ask where does this
CO2 go? It goes to a few places,
it gets absorbed by trees, the ocean, and goes into the atmosphere. This is slowly killing the planet by melting the polar ice caps, and has heated up the earth by several degrees. Many people have other opinions though. Some people think global warming is happening much faster, while others don't believe it's happening at all. Altough the dinosaurs disappeared in the
goo, the carbon bonds still remain. Carbon bonds are
extremely strong. When this CO2 reaches the atmosphere it makes a layer
around the earth. The sun hits this CO2 blanket and is
heating the earth.
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