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Jorge Valdez

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Conflict

What is Conflict???
By definition, Conflict is a fight, battle, or struggle, especially a prolonged struggle
Sub Topics
Styles of Expressing Conflict
Influence of Gender on Conflict
Cultural Influences
Conflict Resolution
Styles of Conflict
There are 5 styles that are expressed in conflict
Nonassertion: Inability to express thoughts, opinions, and feelings.
Direct Agression: Embraces conflict and attack the recievers in communication
Passive Aggression: Communicator expresses hostility with making it hard to read
Indirect Communication: The goal of this type of style is to save face and not be too direct with a problem
Assertion: Communicator expresses thoughts, needs, and feelings directly and respects any individual to whom they are speaking to
i. Demanding and direct
ii. Make orders without offering explanation
Through Science in the Past to Survive:
i.Neolithic Men-Must be physiological aroused and vigilant to catch their next meal
Men are considered Agressive
i. Will withdraw if uncomfortable or if confllict is not won
Online Communication:
i. Usually monotone in message and opposite in nature
Constructive and Destrcutive Conflict:
a. Setting a Stage for Destruction
i. When a man's physiological arousal sets it, it is extremely hard to reverse
i. Men tend to stop contributing to the conversation when uncomfortable
i. Make proposals
ii. Give reasons for suggestions
iii. More likely to handle conflict with indirect agression
Through Science in the Past to Survive:
i.Neolithic Women:
Had to be caring and needed oxytoxin(calming chemical) to breast feed
Woman are considered Indirect
i. More likely to compromise and give in to maintain relational harmony
Online Communication:
i.Woman are supportive, empathetic, cooperative, less powerful in tone, apologetic
Constructive and Destructive Conflict:
a.Setting a Stage for Destruction:
i. Women will use critical, negative, or accusatory approaches
Women tend to be more assertive than men, expressing ideas and feelings until the situation is resolved
Influences on Conflict
People Communicate Differently based on Culture...
Some Examples...
European-Americans are calm and assertive
African-Americans voice strong opinion and emotion
Latino-Americans use very strong cultural ties within religion and upbringing
Asian-Americans are more likely to speak indirectly in conflict
Examples of Culture in Different Countries are...
Japan values self-restraint and avoid any confrontation directly.
Conflict Resolution
What is Conflict Resolution?
This process has
Acknowledge and Apologize
Explain and be present
Review and Brainstorm
Resolution and action
3. Explain and be Present
2. Listen
4. Review and Brainstorm
5. Resolution and Action
Culture is Everywhere...
Value group goals more than individual goals.
1. Acknowledge and Apologize
Helps alleviate any stress in conflict
Opens the door to communication
Helps understand the other side.
Let's the other person voice their feelings
Explain: help understand that no harm was intended
Being present: more aware of other options
The point in which compromise is available.
Brainstorming strenghtens the relationship.
Formulation of an agreement happens.
Both people are happy with the negotiation
Conflicts in which one party achieves a goal at the expense of another
One characteristic in this conflict is "power"
Both parties experience a result worse than expected
Happens a lot in politics
Both parties achieve something better than expected and happy with it
Conflict Resolution can be demonstrated here

Books from Dr. Turner
Understanding Human Communication with Carrie Cropey Hutchinson
Authors: Ronal B. Adler, George Rodman
Published: 2012 by Oxford University Press. New York
Jorge, Joanna, Bryer, Juan
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