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The Mesozotic period

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bryan mendoza

on 16 March 2015

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Transcript of The Mesozotic period

The mesozotic
plants & animals
Plants were just spreading out and the oldest know species today were ants,snakes, and butterflies. there were non avian type of dinosaurs near the late triassic. bird first appeared in the jurassic. the first mammals also appeared. a huge extinction occured.
climate & weather
The climate in the mesozoic era was most likely warm. There was no evidence of ice found. This was the era witch pangea had ended and plates started moving apart. At the end of this era global cooling had began.
Triassic period
252.17 to 201.3 million years ago
201.3 to 145 million years ago

Jurassic period
cretaceuos period
145 to 66 million years ago
set up by permian during 90% to 96% of marine species and 70% of terrestrail vertebreates became extinct.
50 % of all genera became extinct includint non avain dinosaurs.
extinction event
extinction event
age of reptiles
extintion event
mainly marine species this was called the big five extinction
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