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*Helping Hands

No description

Cedric Chastagner

on 7 September 2016

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Transcript of *Helping Hands

1. calamities – disasters or terrible misfortunes

2. mitigate – make less or ease

3. devastating – extremely destructive

4. evacuate – leave an unsafe area

5. administer – to give or apply

New Vocabulary
1. frantically – desperately, anxiously

2. debris – the remains of things that have been destroyed

3. forklift – a machine for lifting and carrying heavy things

4. looting – stealing valuables from a place during a time of disaster or confusion
Additional Vocabulary
Care Cube
A Care Package of
for the 21st Century
1. What question did Popular Science magazine ask their readers to consider?
2. Who created the “Care Cube”?
3. What are some of the basic items included in the “Care Cube”?
4. According to the story, what is the best meaning for “infrastructure”?

The town had to ________________ because the tsunami was heading right towards them.
Fill in the blanks
Helping Hands
Treasures Grade 6
Be Prepared When Disaster Strikes
1. What does FEMA stand for?
2. What does FEMA say people should be prepared for?
3. Name 4 things the American Red Cross says should be in a disaster kit.

A Whale in a Pool
1. Where is the whale?
2. What is the whale’s name?
3. Why is the whale in the pool?

Hurricane States
1. How many hurricanes hit the United States between 1900 and 2004?
2. What are the top 5 hurricane states in the United States?

Comprehension Questions
Zoo Story
Flamingos gathered in the bathrooms
1. What is the name of the Zoo in the story?
2. What animals had to be evacuated to a different zoo?
3. How were the evacuated animals transported to Busch Gardens?
4. How many people were left homeless by Hurricane Andrew?
5. What did the zoo staff do to mitigate damage before the storm?
Find the vocab word corresponding to...
5. civic – relating to duties or obligations of belonging to a community

6. fatality – death resulting from an accident or disaster
Real World Reading
OLPB p.52-53
6. What kinds of animals were set free when the hurricane destroyed part of the zoo?
7. What did they have to use a forklift to do?
8. Why is the zoo’s fatality list called “miraculously short”?
9. What kind of help did the Metro zoo get from other zoos?
10. What was called a “ray of hope” at the zoo after Hurricane Andrew?
War is ________________.
Many people were _________________ the stores and taking things that don’t belong to them.
Relief Organizations try to ________________ suffering.
There were many ________________ when the Titanic sank.
The factory worker used a ________________ to move the heavy supplies.

The teacher will_________________ the exam tomorrow.
Earthquakes, tsunamis and tornadoes are ____________________.
The storm left a lot of _________________ on the seashore.
I was __________________ searching for my missing puppy.
It is your _______________ duty to follow the rules of the community.
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