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Leveraging Corporate Communication to drive a better Future for Operation

Defense of Bachelor graduation thesis

Betty Tong

on 4 July 2013

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Transcript of Leveraging Corporate Communication to drive a better Future for Operation

- Managing and sharing information and knowledge effectively
and efficiently for internal and external parties Leveraging Corporate Communication
to drive a better Future for Operation Introduction case company Main Research Objective To improve the efficiency and effectiveness in managing and sharing information and knowledge
for Nuscience Group

Tong Zhe (Betty)
0815287 IBMS: 403

First supervisor: Mr. Weijs, R.H.
Second supervisor: Mr. Rog, M.V. Being re-branded from “Vitamex” to “Nuscience”

Key player in animal feed industry

Main products

9 Production units and 3 sales offices

Representatives of products Main Research Question Which approaches can Nuscience Group use to improve
the effectiveness and efficiency of its corporate communication in the desired situation? Q1. What is the current situation of internal communication channels for Nuscience Group? What are the options for improvement?

Q2. What is the current situation of external communication channels for Nuscience Group?
Q3. How can Nuscience Group benchmark with its direct competitors on their external communication channels?

Q4. What is the current situation in managing and sharing the tacit knowledge for Nuscience Group both internally and externally? What are the options for improvement?

Q5. What will be the costs and non-financial benefits for prompting the efficiency and effectiveness of internal and external communication channels for Nuscience Group?
Q6. What will be the financial gains after the effectiveness and efficiency of internal and external communication channels are improved for Nuscience Group? Sub-research questions Internal communication channels External communication channels Tacit knowledge management Costs and gains Information & knowledge Corporate communication Formal & informal communication Benchmarking Method Balanced Scorecard Method Return on Investment Theoretical Foundation Corporate communication Tacit knowledge It is difficult to formulate and communicate. Explicit knowledge It is easy to communicate, store, and distribute. Introduction Internal communication SharePoint for inordinate server and folder system

New CRM system and deleting other "useless" computer programs

Reinforcing the following channels:
- training program
- internal magazine subscription
- staff information sessions
- notice board application More formal, direct, open and clearer

- Availability of information, amount of policy information
- Information about products and services; vision, mission and
strategies; working conditions


- Openness in regulations of knowledge and customer contacts
- More talking about things that really matter with staffs Information exanchge re-branding process Others External communication Communication channels (Question 2 & 3): More active in social media
Publishing e-newsletters in official website
More updating of press releases
More participations in congresses

Higher competitiveness in
promotional means
More visits of sites - Quantity of materials, frequency of information, information
in line with market needs
- More product, market, industry information Knowledge sharing Benchmarking with direct competitors Information exchange - More Nuscience news in external magazine
- More innovation and technical supports Offering special incentives
Hiring extra KM expert and installing software for KM
Using recruiting agency
Building up mentorship system
Constructing overlapping development teams For internal parties For external parties More willingness and openness to share knowledge Other reasons for resulting in the difficulty Lack of trust

Dissimilar backgrounds, attitudes and characters

Shortage of tacit knowledge

Poor organizational culture

Underestimating of the importance Costs and non-financial gains (Q5) Costs and gains
ROI from 2009 to 2011 were 5.69%, 5.90%, 5.89%, respectively

ROI can be expected to reach 5.95% in 2014 Financal gains (Q6) Final conclusions & recommendations Long-term implementation plan (3-5 year)
Outlining the current situation

Developing tactics of maintaing tacit knowledge

Applying benchmarking method and understanding recruiting procedure

Giving short presentations

Conducting research methods and Gantt chart

Being equipped with morals, integrity and trustworthiness Thank you for
your attention ! ! ! Are there any questions ??? Conclusions & recommendations *All of this data is predicted for the period of 6 months *All of this data is predicted for the period of 1 year *All of this data is predicted for the period of 3 years Middle-term implementation plan (12 months-3 year) Strategic implementation plan Methodology Personal Competencies International Business competencies Gerneral Management Competencies Functional key-areas competencies Interpersonal competencies Task-oriented competencies Intrapersonal competencies Bachelor graduation defense Others Problem Analysis Communication channels (Question 1) communication flows Research design Tacit knowledge management (Q4) Short-term implementation plan (6-12 months)
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