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Sword Art Online

No description

Maxwell Hyman

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Sword Art Online

Vocabulary Sword Art Online is about a boy named Kirigaya Kazuto that is stuck in a virtual reality MMO called "Sword Art Online". After the first few hours of him playing the admin calls a game meeting. He then explains to all the players that they are trapped in the game until the last boss is killed on the last level of the game. Also if you die in the game you will die in real life.
Then the admin vanishes leaving the players all alone. Summary Kirigaya Kazuto or "Kirito" as he is called in the
game was one of the beta testers for the game when it
was being made. With his previous knowledge of the
game he decides to play lone wolf. To beat the game
he will have to beat the last boss in the game at the top
of the castle in the sky. Can Kirito the so called
"Beater" actually defeat the boss of all other bosses? Summary Continued Review I loved the novel. It was very interesting to me, especially
because I play video games. I plan to read all of the other
books in the series. Quotes - "You can go anywhere you want in this world
with a single blade. This may be a virtual world, but I
feel more alive here than in the real world" - Kirito
- "Where does he hide while he watches us and adjusts
this world" - Kirito
- "In this world, strength is just an illusion". -Kirito
- "If we make it back to the real world, I'll find you.
And fall in love with you all over again. - Asuna Beater- A beta cheater (a.k.a Kirito).
Scabbard- A sheath for a sword.
Parameter- Level of base skills (strength, agility) .
Guild- A group of persons with related interests.
Boss- Usually the most powerful mob in a dungeon. By: Maxwell Hyman Sword Art Online Kawahara, Reki. Sdo to Onrain = SWORD ART ONLINE. Tky: Asukmediawkusu, 2010. Print.
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