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Artemis Fowl


Jason Li

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Artemis Fowl

Artemis Fowl When the book starts Artemis and Butler are in Ho Chi Mingh City and are awaiting their contact, a man named Nguyen. When they meet him he gives them vital info about the fairies and so now Artemis plots to capture one. When he does capture Holly he sets a trap for her boss and thus the siege on Fowl Manor begins. The LEP initiate a time stop which stops time inside the designated area while letting the other areas to continue as normal. When they send in Retrieval 1 they get defeated by Butler and so the negotiations begin. When Artemis gives his demand Root, in the end gives Artemis the gold. But before they does this the LEP send in a troll to gain an invitation and Mulch Diggums to try to find how Artemis knows so much about the fairies. When both fail they send in the gold but shortly after the LEP
detonate their bio-bomb but once again
Artemis has done the impossible
and escaped the time field. Artemis: He is a 12 year old genius who dreams of restoring his families criminal fortune.

Butler: He is a loyal bodygaurd who protects Artemis and he has a sister named Juliet. He is very tall and strong and usually carries a variety of lethal weapons which he knows how to use perfectly.

Holly: She is an elf who is working for the LEP (Lower Elements Police) in an elite branch called Recon. Hence the name LEPRecon (Leprechaun)

Root: He is a hot headed cigar smoking fairy
who is Holly's boss.

Mulch: He is a kleptomaniac dwarf
who plays a vital part
in the siege. The Settings are in Haven City, Fowl Manor, Ho Chi Mingh city, and in the Dublin Docks.

Haven City: Haven city is the underground fairy city that is their New York City. It also is just as overcrowded and under serviced as NYC.

Fowl Manor: Artemis fowl's ancestral home. It's original construction dates to the 18th century. It has survived everything from civil war to tax audits.

Ho Chi Mingh City: It is a very hot and humid vietnamese city. It is overrun with people, crammed to the brim even in the alleyways. There are also tons and tons of thieves.

Dublin Docks: These docks are where
most of the Ireland's
contraband comes in. The problem is that Artemis now knows about the fairies and is plotting to kidnap one. It just so happens that the one he kidnaps is Captain Holly Short. When he does kidnap her the fairies disagree and start a siege on Artemis' home, Fowl Manor. When Artemis demands one ton of 24 carat solid gold and negotiation fails the fairies detonate a bio-bomb which destroys all living tissue but doesn't damage aboitic things. Commonly known as a blue rinse. Artemis escapes the time stop by taking sleeping pills and keeps half of the ransom because he gave the other half to Holly for a wish that his mother would regain her sanity. In the end Holly keeps her promise
and Artemis has achieved his goal. Foaly: He is a centaur who
is Holly's close friend and is the
LEP's technician. Juliet: She is Butler's younger sister
who is 14 years old and is obsessed with
wrestling. She too is a trained bodygaurd
and often complimentes martial arts with
wrestling moves. Cudgeon: He is a lieutenant in the LEP and is very selfish, often thinking about himself then others. Unlike other officers in the force. By: Jason Characters Settings Problem Summary Solution Trailers
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