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I will show you how to build a PC

Tia Snyder

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of My PC

Full Tower Case. Black
Intel Core I3. 4MB RAM
Dual Channel Motherboard
Intel Motherboard Power Supply
$54.99 Hard Drive
Caviar Blue Hard Drive Optical Drive
DVD Burner Sound Card
$35.00 Video Card
LCD Monitor, Widescreen
19 Inch
Compact Desk Combo. 13 Hot Keys Mouse
Blue Wireless Mouse Operating System
Microsoft 7 Home Premium Speakers
Speaker System. 4" Software
$169.99 Heatsink and Fan
(Included in motherboard) Network Interface Card
(Included in Moterboard)
Officejet All in One, Black Power Supply
400 Watt Procedure
1. Pick your design
2. Find a static free work space
3. Remove the cover from the computer case. Mount the feet, power supply and cooling fan using the screws provided.
Prepare the motherboard for installation by attaching the standoffs to the removable plate on the cover. If the cover does not have a removable plate the rest of the components will need to be installed first. Screws should be tightened just enough to be snug and keep the motherboard in place, but not overly tightened.
4. Configure your motherboard using the product manual settings.
Install the CPU, memory and heat sink or cooler.
As with all components follow manufacturers recommendations for settings and installation.
5. With the motherboard in place begin by attaching the large power cable from the power supply to the motherboard.
Attach the smaller power cords to the LED and other components.
Attach the flat ribbon looking drive cables to the motherboard.
6. Configure the hard drive, CD-ROM drive, DVD or floppy drive using manufactures specifications.
Ensure the setting for "master" and "slave" is correct.
Physically mount the drives to the front of the cover.
Ensure power is hooked up correctly to the drives; attach drive cables to the devices.
7. Determine which operating system works best for your needs.
Install the operating system
Set up a security system for your computer.
$1,788.95 http://ezinearticles.com/?How-To-Build-A-Computer----8-Steps-To-Build-Your-Own-Computer&id=139371

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