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Volkswagen | The New Beetle

Georgia College, Advertising Management

Michele McG

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Volkswagen | The New Beetle

Print Ad 1930's - Ferdinand Porsche (Wolfsburg, Germany)
1949 - America first saw the Beetle
1970 - Sales of Beetle were highest (405,615)
1979 - Unable to meet environmental standards
National Highway Safety Act (1966)
Clean Air Act (1970)
1990's - started the redesign process for the Beetle Volkswagen needs to position the New Beetle in a way that blends innovation and nostalgia for the purpose of increasing sales within a well-defined target audience. Strengths
driving experience is unique/individualistic
more than just transportation from place to place
reliable and original
recreate the past with design geometry of the future Weaknesses
smaller budget than competition
difficult to define target audience
less practical for families
history of successful advertisements Opportunities
position a new product with recognizable roots
opportunity to rebrand Volkswagen - increasing brand loyalty and sales in U.S. Threats
others cars offer more functional
features (safety, space, etc.)
other cars who fall into the small-car segment are more affordable
brand loyal individuals The New Beetle
water-cooled engine now in the front
front & side airbags
air conditioning
new brake system
six-speaker sound system Continue "Drivers Wanted" campaign Advantages Disadvantages consistency
build stronger
name for VW only mildly successful
no specific target
audience Social Media Campaign Alternative #2 Advantages Disadvantages increase brand
inexpensive one brand among many on each platform
effectiveness with target audience Alternative #3 "The Road Well-Traveled" Campaign Advantages Disadvantages brand new concept
nostalgic experience
incorporates the
features of the redesign strong association with old beetle
less practical car for families Utilize traditional and social media to raise brand awareness and position in the minds of consumers as an affordable and safe vehicle

Target Audience: Baby Boomers
Ages 48 to 66 Outdoor Social Media Specifications Budget stay true to simplicity
and originality
Well-Traveled: ideal characteristic that everyone desires to live by
Four Principles: Honest,
Reliable, Simple & Original Think-Feel-Do Objectives Think: 70% of the 48-66 demographic become aware of the New Beetle in 3 months Feel: 50% of the 48-66 demographic prefer the New Beetle as an option over other vehicles in the small segment category Do: 30% of the 48-66 demographic visit the dealership to test drive Campaign Rationale 1. importance of combining the nostalgic experience with innovation 2. complete redesign, new features 3. price comparison- Beetle costs about $3,000 more than other small cars 4. current relationship with dealers Critical Factor Critical Factor Critical Factor Critical Factor Opportunity To Advertise? Product Factors Marketing & Financial Factors Unique, Salient Product Qualities
Hidden Qualities
Powerful, Emotional Buying Motives Generic Demand Trend
Marketing Potential
Competitive Environment
Economic Conditions
Adequacy of Funds
Marketing Expertise SWOT Analysis SWOT Analysis SWOT Analysis SWOT Analysis Why The Baby Boomer Generation? disposable income
well informed/educated
fuel efficient small car
nostalgic connection
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