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kayli vankoughnett

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Regina

This graph is showing the annual percipitation of Regina. Regina Here is a climate graph of Windsor, Ontario. The red is the average high temperature and the blue is the average low temperature.

This is the annual percipitation in Windsor, Ontario.
Regina has a semi-arid continental climate. It has hot to warm summers and cold, dry winters. There are heavy winds, cyclones, hail, rainstorms and tornadoes in regina. The population of Regina is 202.000 The city does have a man made lake
and they have hand plated 350,000
trees. (i think thats amazing!)
Regina has lowlands and it's in the plains. Windsor has almost the same but it is around the Great Lakes and it has the same as Regina lowlands and plains.
Reginas Trees:
Regina has a lot of trees just like Windsor but they have difrent kinds such as... Trembling Aspen,Willow and the Bur Oak. Winsors Trees:
Widsors trees are not the same as Reginas trees because all of the trees Windsor has Regina does not such as... Beech,Sugar,Maple,Black Walnut ,Hickory and Red Oak.
This is a bur oak tree and it is located in Regina. This is a Red oak Trees and it is Located in Windsor Ontario. Temperatures and Wether. Landforms. Rivers and Lakes. Agiculture For Regina This river is called Wascana Creek and as i seid it is in regina. this creek is down streem from Alberta Brige so it leads to Alberta. Theares a lake called Wascana Lake and it is down town from Regina Regina grows manny difrent kinds of foods such as
fruits and vegtebuls this is what they grow...
Thay Grow ...
Green peas
Regina is the is the lagest mustard exporters because Regina mostly grows mustard. Windors Rivers:
we have lots of lakes such as all the great lakes for example- lake Erie is part of the great lakes which is part of windsor ontario. Regina does grow fruits and vegibuls but they grow them in a green house like some of windsors farms have to grow our fruits and vegubuls. Awsome Fact!
Regina grows over one million peas Windsor Agiculture. Essex County and Regina both grow potatoes.
Fast Facts... The population of Windsor is 250.000. & Windsor This is a great lakes around Windsor. This picture shows you what the
great lakes look like from space. This is a pitcher of Windsor Exssex Contey The climate in Essex County is great for
growing fruit and vegetables and world class grapes .
Crops that are grown in Essex County are...
soy beans
and many kinds of fruit. The Big Idea. Essex Contey has over 1100 ackers of green houses that grows veges. We grow over 83% of Ontarios crops. Windsor has the milest tempeture of Ontario whitch gives it great farm land. Aciciltire prodects from this region suply locle coustumers and shopers around the world. 70% of the water used in saskatchewan comes from the
Qu Apppel river system Drangige Systums
Windsors dragege base is alatic occen. Reginas dranege base is hutsene bay river. This is a pitcher of hutsonbay river this is Reginas dranige sysums. This is the Alatic Occen whare Windsors dragege syustums go to. By Kayli Anne Vankoughnett Thank You For Whatching My Presentashon.
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