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Mary Grace Sarmiento

on 24 March 2014

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After the said activity, make an Reaction or Reflection, regarding FocusingInquiry.
Supposing that you were conducting a class scenario inside the room. Your whole class will conduct a role playing where a Focusing Inquiry is presented. Discuss your plan
Steps for Inquiry Process
Frame a focusing question(This should be linked to prior knowledge)
Present a field of facts(Who?What?When?How much?)
Help learners connect or relate facts. (Interpret, infer, give meaning)
Help learners generate explanatory ideas(Generalization)
Help learners find answers.
Focusing Inquiry
Is an interdisciplinary approach that uses questions to organize learning. Like most interdisciplinary teaching, it crosses conventional knowledge boundaries. The teacher guides learners to discover answers to questions, whether or not answers pre-exist. Learners become creators of knowledge rather than recipient. Concepts and content are less important than the governing process conducting an investigation and communicating what was learned to others. The process of inquiry is the organizer of instructional design while content is relegated to an ancillary place.
Inquiry learning can be self-renewing cycle of questions and answers. As they interpret the information and generate answers, new questions emerge. The cycle is continuous.
at the end of the lesson the students must able to:
define integrative teaching strategy.
identify the Focusing Inquiry.
perform the given activity.
Integrative Teaching Strategy is a well organized strategy anchored in real life situation that include learner's interest and needs creating a variety of meaningful activities and learning experiences. It paves the way to connecting what is learned in school to real life world rather than isolated facts and information. It is integrative if it includes the use of multiple intelligence and learning styles planned in diverse ways to be presented in a holistic form to care each other uniqueness.
This integrative teaching strategy uses questions in which the teachers guide the learners in discovering the answers. It emphasizes inquiry, the investigative process that must be developed among learners rather than on the content.

This strategy is said to be in cycle. Cycle in a sense that as learners search for answers, they generate questions as well. This process will enable learners to develop higher ordered thinking skills that they can use in real life situations.

The process of focusing inquiry is more of asking and asking questions. Take note however, that it is the role of the teacher to guide the learners for them to arrive to the correct answer.
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