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Healthy Eating

No description

Felicia Deng

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating
Felicia Deng & Connie Chen
What is Healthy Eating?
- Balanced diet
- Limiting certain foods
- Variety
- Choosing foods wisely
Benefits of Eating Healthy
- Healthy weight
- Improved mood
- Better immune system
- Boost energy
- Decrease risk of diseases

- Canada's Food Guide
- Food groups
- Avoiding foods
- Portion control

Canada's food guide
Girls 9-13
- 6 servings fruit & vegetables
- 6 servings grains
- 3-4 servings milk/alternatives
- 1 serving meat/alternatives
Boys 9-13
- 6 servings fruit & vegetables
- 6 servings grains
- 3-4 servings milk/alternatives
- 2 servings meat/alternatives
- Recommended servings
- Examples of meals
- Tips on healthy eating
Now, lets test your knowledge
Hey there! I'm Kirby!
I'll be your guide to the
super awesome universe of... healthy eating
Healthy eating
Now, before we start to explore, here's some basic information about healthy eating
1. List three benefits of healthy eating
2. What does Canada's Food Guide do?
3. How many servings of grain do we need
4. List three things that define healthy eating
Looks like you're ready
to go to the land of the foods
Land of the Foods Travel Brochure
- 5 Food groups
- Fruits & Vegetables
- Grains
- Milk & Alternatives
- Meat & Alternatives
- Healthy fat
Fruits & Vegetables

- Eaten most
- Vitamins
- 1 green vegetable
- 1 orange fruit
- Prevent gallstones
- Fibre source
- Control blood sugar
- Help digestive system
- Complex carbs
Milk & Alternatives
- Calcium
- Vitamin D
- Muscle
- Better skin

Meat & Alternatives
- Protein
- Healthy fats
- Nutrients
Healthy Fats
- Help brain function
- Reduced risk heart disease
- Help ADHD
- Lower cholestrol

Foods to Avoid
- Sugary foods
- Trans-fat
- Fast food
- Excess caffeine
- Processed grains
- Pop

- Fruit
- Dark chocolate
- Lean meat
- Fish
- Nuts
- Whole grains
- Water, tea, milk

Whew! What a day! Let's take a break and enjoy a healthy snack
Apple muffins & Apple pancakes
Yoshi, are you okay?
I think I ate too
Maybe you should learn about portion control
Portion Control
- 80% full
- Smaller plate
- Smaller servings
- Reconsider seconds
- Smaller meals
- More meals

- List 5 foods we should avoid
- List 5 healthy substitutions for unhealthy food
- What kinds of grains should we eat?
- What can replace fast food?
- How many servings of milk products do we need?
- Give 2 examples of healthy fats
Please write your answers on a seperate piece of lined paper
Thanks for Watching!

Physical Activity
Extra Tips
- Breakfast
- 7-8 glasses water
- Reconsider bedtime snacks
- Controlled dinner
- Eat slow
- Supplements
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