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Travel Journal Entry Assignment

No description

Kristina Quinn

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of Travel Journal Entry Assignment

Travel Journal Assignment
Congrats 7th grader! You've won a free trip to a destination of YOUR CHOICE! There is just one little catch.

- Throughout your journey, you must keep a travel journal

- This journal should document your interesting adventures! Keep going for more info!
Step 3: Travel Journals
You will need to submit TWO journal entries for this assignment

In your journal entry, you will write about your fictional adventures, experiences, and feelings, that you had while you were traveling

You are required to use factual information about the destination in your fictional entry (your research)
Let's review:
 Write at least TWO journal entries that describe your adventures on your trip
o where did you go?, what did you experience?, how did you feel?, what did you see?, etc..

 Should be in the form of a creative story
o You are creating the events that take place (could be exciting, scary, funny, etc..)

 Include factual information about the destination that was gathered throughout your research

 Be sure to include all elements of a journal entry (date, greeting, closing, signature)

Step 1: Where in the World Will you Go1?
Do some research. Figure out where in the world you will go!

After you have chosen your final destination, record it in your notebook!
Step 2: Research Your Destination
Where is this place located? (city, state, country, continent, etc..)
What activities could you do there?
What language to they speak?
What famous attractions could you visit?
Note: This research will be used in your travel "stories"

Record research in notebook
Use the following link to help with your research:

Step 2: Research Your Destination
Challenge Yourself: (optional)
- Make your journal a mystery that someone must solve!
- Don't tell them your destination. Instead, give them hints and facts about the destination so they could figure out where you are. (think: Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?)

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