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No description

Castroville PC Lab

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of Rosa

Venezuela's government is running low in money.This shows political because it is talking about the government.
In France government's want kid's to learn french values.This is political because it's talking about the government wanting kid's to learn the values.
Roman people brought enslaved people from ruled lands to provide free labor.This is Economics because it talks about Romans not paying slaves so they could use their money on buildings and projects.
On the other hand, in France families that are poor will get more money to pay the school cost. this is Economic because it talks bout poor people getting money.
Conversely, in Venezuela the government owns a lot of businesses in socialist economy.This shows Economic because it talks about the government owning a lot of businesses.
In Rome the governors forced the ruled people to pay high taxes and spent the money on jewelry for them and weapons for the army.This shows political because it is talking about governors forcing people to give them money to spent it on themselves.
Rosa A.
Romans peace and stability was broken by the senates violence to keep its power and wealth.This is social because it talks about the senates.
Conversely, in France people were killed in the housing projects by police and there was no minute of silence for them.This is social because it is saying that the police kills people.
Most of the people who worked on projects did not have a job.This shows social because it talks about people.
Topic Sentence
Venezuela and France are similar and different to Rome in many ways. There are many Social,Economic,and Political problems.Venezuela,France,and Rome are located in different parts of the world.
All in all France, Venezuela,and Rome have many differences among each other.
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