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Social Media Best Practices

Part 1 of our 6-Week Social Media Series

Poms & Associates

on 25 June 2013

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Transcript of Social Media Best Practices

The golden rule: Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Feel free to disagree, but be polite and intelligent
in your response. Remember, there is a person on
the other end of that comment box.

Do not engage in confrontational dialog. Some people argue for the sake of argument - it's best to let it be no matter how frustrating you find their remarks.
Social Media Best Practices
Social media is about connecting with real people.

Humanize your interactions.

On social media, it's ok to be more casual and say things like, "check it out" versus "read more."

If you're excited, it's ok to use an exclamation point!

Keep it interesting. No one needs to know what you ate for lunch, but they might be interested in that article you just finished reading.
The social media equivalent of "think before you speak."

Research. Make sure you have all of the facts.

Cite links and sources whenever possible.

If you make a mistake, 'fess up! You'll earn respect from the community.

Watch your spelling!
Listen to people.

Respond to their comments
constructively and genuinely.

Allow negative comments.

Delete spam.

Respond, rather than censor.
Social media can enrich and add new dimension to your relationships, but remember:

Never put anything in writing
that you wouldn't want EVERYONE to read.
From your Poms Marketing Team
Happiness sells. Make people laugh. Social media users are 9x more likely to engage with a humorous post.

People have enough negativity in their lives,
so say it with a smile.

If you can't envision people giving it the
thumbs-up "like," refrain from posting it.
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