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Passive Voice

No description


on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Passive Voice

The Basics Active Vs. Passive Voice Now PASSIVE! :O Some Examples! Ex: Everyone likes Yoon the Yoonicorn. (subject: Everyone, action: like, “object”: Yoon the Yoonicorn) Although passive voice can form awkward sentences, it is often accepted in scientific work. Passive voice expressions contain "be" verbs: am, is, was, were, are, been The song was sung.
The poem was written.
Who sang the song and wrote the poem? We'll never know! Passive voice expressions may also include a “by the” followed by the agent who/ that performed the action. Sometimes it's okay to use passive voice! Like when:
It is obvious who the person doing the action is.
The person doing the action is unknown or unimportant .
To avoid mentioning the person doing the action. This makes for a rhetorical effect How to Change Between Passive and Active Voice Time to learn the steps! Passive to Active: The room is being cleaned up by the child. Thank you for watching. Put Agent at beginning of sentence "The child" should move to the beginning Don't shift from active voice to passive voice in the same sentence. Another example: Active to Passive
The police dog bit the criminal’s bottom. 1) Identify object: the criminal’s bottom
2) Move the object to the beginning of the sentence:
The criminal’s bottom...
3) Put in the “to be” verb.
4) Change the verb to fit. So you get... The child is cleaning up his room. Ex 1) Even though Mickey is always trying to please everyone, he is still laughed at by Minnie. Passive and Active Voice An enlightening and educational experience created by Yoon Lee, Sneha Patkar, Gowri Swarmy, and Lynnea Shuck 4th Period Active voice: the subject of the sentence performs the action expressed in the verb on the object
aka: the subject does the action to the object less complicated and wordy ex: The dog bit the boy. (who did what to who? The dog did the biting to the boy.) Passive voice: indirect, the action expressed in the verb is done on the subject of the sentence (the subject doesn’t perform the action, instead the subject receives the action) Used when want to hide the action doer >:) ex: Your burger was eaten.
(by who? performer hidden) Ex: Yoon the Yoonicorn is liked by everyone. (The object of the active sentence (Yoon) became the subject and the subject of the active sentence (everyone) became the object. However, who does the action does not change and who receives the action does not change. Passive voice is used in scientific writing because:
it makes the research and conclusions appear more objective BUT WHY?! Corrected: Ex: The Tragedy of Jethro was written by the english teacher, Mr. Boegman. 1. A yellow solid has formed in the solution.
2. Jethro territory is considered to be a dangerous zone! Example: A fool and his money are soon parted. Example: The criminal was arrested. A cure for MSJHS student stress was discovered today by scientists. Note: The Agent is the person doing the action Three Steps: Get rid of the “to be” verb Change the other verb appropriately. And back from active to passive: 1) Make the object acted upon as the subject of the sentence. 2) Put the agent at the end after a “by the…” (optional) 3) Change the verb to: “to be” + past participle. The room is being cleaned up by the child.
The room is being cleaned up. The criminal’s bottom was bitten by the dog. Jethrina sang the song.
Katherina wrote the poem.
The song was sung by Jethrina.
The poem was written by Katherina. Correction:
Even though Mickey is always trying to please everyone, Minnie still laughs at him. Ex 2) Ariel is constantly being panicked by Flounder. Correction:
Flounder constantly panics Ariel. Don't shift from active voice to passive voice in the same sentence. Avoid any dangling modifiers caused by use of passive voice
A dangling modifier is representative of any word or phrase which is unknowingly modifying a word because of its placement Ex) Always eyeing the honey, he always made Tigger buy some for him.
Always eyeing the honey, Pooh always made Tigger buy some for him. Voice and Mood Indicative Imperative Subjunctive indicates a fact or opinion Ex) Minnie will bring red velvet cupcakes to the party.

Ex) Pooh is always hungry for honey. expresses commands or requests
always known to be in terms of you. Ex) Decorate the strawberry cake with double chocolate fudge.
Ex) Leave the honey flavored cupcakes for Pooh. expresses a wish or something that isn’t actually true
Always uses the past or past perfect tense
Remember to use were instead of was when using the verb “to be” Ex) If Pluto were here, Mickey could have taken him for a walk.

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10) Angeli, Elizabeth, Allen Brizee, and April Toadvine. "Active and Passive Voice." Purdue OWL: Active and Passive Voice. Purdue University, n.d. Web. 10 Apr. 2013. Bibliography Quiz! :) The room is being cleaned up by the child Take out "being" "cleaned" changes to "cleaning" Versus: A person can soon part a fool and his money Another Example:

Active: Authorities make rules to be broken

Passive: Rules are made to be broken
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