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The Adoration of Jenna Fox

No description

Anna Marie Mitchell

on 17 October 2014

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Transcript of The Adoration of Jenna Fox

The Adoration of Jenna Fox
Characteristics of Jenna Fox
Jenna is:
Quote #2
"All of your pieces fill up other people's holes.
But they don't fill your own."
There are too many themes within
The Adoration of Jenna Fox
to pick just one:
There is a fine line between what is done to make scientific discoveries, and what is ethical.
Sometimes parents can adore their children too much.
You have to live for yourself, not for other people.
Being human is more than just having a human body.
Ditching the Backups
These building blocks represent Jenna's life because
The Adoration of Jenna Fox
is all about how Jenna pieces together what she knows, remembers, and believes -- much like you would piece together building blocks.
By: Anna Marie Mitchell
Jenna realizes that her who life she has been what other people want her to be, but she has never lived for herself before.
Another important even in The Adoration of Jenna Fox is when Jenna gets rid of the three backups: Kara's, Locke's, and her own. This is important because by getting rid of the backups, Jenna allows herself to live like everyone else with the consequence of death. This is her embracing her humanity by getting rid of the things that make her artificial.
I can infer that Jenna's bio-gel will reach the end of its shelf life quickly after the story ends. Hopefully, Jenna will die knowing that she made a difference, and changed what the world thinks it means to be human.
Jenna Fox v. Charlie Gordon
Jenna and Charlie both went through surgeries that were supposed to fix them, but had lots of consequences
Jenna's surgery wasn't elective. She had no say in whether or not the surgery was done.
(in the book) Charlie chose to have the surgery preformed. His surgery was done with his consent.
October 2014
Quote #1
" Shards. Bits. Moments.
Am I less because I have fewer, or do the few I have mean more?"
Jenna is questioning her value as a person. She is unsure if the things that she knows and remembers make up her valuable, or if there is something else.
Jenna's Surgery
One very important event in Jenna's life and story is her surgery. I would say that this is the most important event in her life because for better, or for worse, Jenna's surgery saved her life, and gave her a second chance. Her surgery pushed scientific boundaries, and gave her a chance to see the world through new eyes: metaphorical, and literal.
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