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Luke Hemmings

No description

Anoop Grewal

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of Luke Hemmings

Luke Hemmings

Who is Luke Hemmings?
Luke Hemmings is a Australian teenager who loves to sing. He's in a Australian band called 5 Seconds of Summer. He has two brothers named Ben and Jack Hemmings. His parents names are Liz and Andrew Hemmings.

What is his professional name?
What is his real name?

Luke's full name Luke Robert Hemmings.
His stage name is Luke Hemmings.
Where is Luke from?
Luke Hemmings is from Australia. He grew up in
Sydney, the western suburbs.

The Band
The band 5 seconds of summer began in December 2011. It is a band which consists the members the lead vocals and guitar is Luke Hemmings, the drummer and vocals is Ashton Irwin, the bass guitar and vocals is Calum Hood and the guitar and vocals is Michael Clifford. Their genre of songs is pop rock. 5 Seconds of Summer have over 53 million view on you tube and have large followers on social media sites.

What is their best-known song? How many songs have they produced?
5 seconds of summers best-known song would be their most recent song, She Looks So Perfect. They have produced 11 songs.
Here is one of their songs
She Looks So Perfect

How old is he?
When is his birthday?
Luke is 17 years old and was born on July, 16th 1996.
How did they get into a musical career?
Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford and Calum Hood,
who all attended Norwest Christian College, started posting videos of themselves performing covers of popular songs together on YouTube. Their cover of Chris Brown and Justin Bieber's "Next to You" received over 1,000,000 hits. After that they met Ashton Irwin and started posting more and more and eventually got discovered in 2011.

Who was his role model?
Luke's inspiration would be Josh Ramsay.
Josh Ramsay is also in a band named
Mrianas trench. Josh is also Luke's favorite
How many awards did Luke
and the band win?
5 seconds of suumer have won three awards. They have won the channel V Oz Artist Award and the MTV Breakthrough band all in 2013. They won The Nickelodeon kids choice award this year.
Thanks For Watching!
Now for the
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