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Elie Wiesel's Night

No description

Dwayne Jefferson

on 22 September 2011

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Transcript of Elie Wiesel's Night

Night Ch. 1, Moishe the Beadle "Infants were tossed into the air and used as targets for the machine guns” (Moishe 6). “I spent that night going over memories and ideas and was unable to fall asleep” (Wiesel 22). Ch. 2, Mrs. Schachter “’There are eighty of you in the car,’” the German officer added. “’If anyone goes missing, you will all be shot, like dogs'" (Wiesel 24). “A few more days and all of us would have started to scream" (Wiesel 26). Ch. 3, Night “The Kapos were beating us again, but I no longer felt the pain” (Wiesel 36). “Surely it was a dream” (Wiesel 37). Ch. 4,"Where is God?" “Then the entire camp, block after block, filed past the hanged boy and stared at his extinguished eyes, the tongue hanging from his gaping mouth. The Kapos forced everyone to look him squarely in the face” (Wiesel 63). “I remember that on that evening, the soup tasted better than ever...”(Wiesel 63) Ch. 5, "The New Year's Service" “I was no longer in the same block as my father. They had transferred me to another Kommando, the construction one, where twelve hours a day I hauled heavy slabs of stone” (Wiesel 69 and 70). “We were able to breathe again" (Wiesel 73). Chapter 6-“Eerily Poignant Little Corpse” “I scratched, I fought for a breath of air. I tore at decaying flesh that did not respond. I could not free myself of that mass weighing down my chest. Who knows? Was I struggling with a dead man?”(Wiesel 94) “I shall never know. All I can say is that I prevailed. I succeeded in digging a hole in that wall of dead and dying people, a small hole through which I could drink a little air” (Wiesel 94). Chapter 7-“The Contagion” “I woke up with a start when I felt two hands on my throat, trying to strangle me” (Wiesel 102). “In a few moments, I was freed. I never did find out why this stranger had wanted to strangle me” (Wiesel 102). Chapter 8-“Freedom at Last” “He continued to call me. The officer wielded his club and dealt him with a violent blow to the head” (Wiesel 111). “I didn’t move. I was afraid, my body was afraid of another blow, this time to my head” (Wiesel 111). Chapter 9-“The Mirror and The Corpse" “’ Go back to your block. The Germans plan to shoot you. Go back and don’t move’” (Prisoner 114). “We returned to the block” (Wiesel 114).
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