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Breakfast in Spanish Speaking Countries

No description

Samantha Wirth

on 3 May 2011

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Transcript of Breakfast in Spanish Speaking Countries

Breakfasts In Spanish speaking countries Coffee... a staple in almost all countries Churros Hot chocolate! Made thick and rich, sometimes with spices Buttered sweet rolls Magdalenas, a lemon like muffin Torrijas are basically the Spanish version of French toast Tortilla Espanola Maria crackers are popular recently Gallo Pinto of rice and beans Eggs - rarely boiled Pan con tomate Ham and cheese Arepa Cachapa filled with cheese Perico Donut like Mandocas A la ranchera Casado for the hungry Fruit salad! Plantains Chorreadas Welcome to... Costa Rica! Vamos a Venezuela Let's go to Spain! Corre a Cuba... Cafe Cubano Melons are popular Ham Croquetas Mucho Mango Grilled Tostada Pine Apple The Dominican Republic Mangu is their most popular breakfast dish The not-so-popular jagua fruit They're passionate about Passion Fruit! Papayas White Sapote Fruit Next to Chile! The ever famous coffee Soup Escape a Ecuador More Fruit Spicey Breakfast Going to Guatemala Desayuno Chapin Moving on to Mexico Hot Chocolate If your looking for something a little more american, try.... Breakfast Blend Stuffed Tortilla Fajita Frittata Nicaragua..........nada mas Gallo Pinto Nacatamal Pinolillio in powder form Basic Breakfast Beans and Bananas A Marvelous Mixture Chilean pastry with meat and peppers Toast with Manjar on top Breakfast Parfait Casarole Avacado Coffee Chilaquiles
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