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ebony wheat

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of summarizing

"HER POINT IS" The Art of Summarizing The word "summarizing" refers to any information from others that you present in your own words. To Ways At Once (both):
outward(towards the author
inward (toward yourself) A Summary must be:
true to what the author is saying
emphasize what aspects interest you To write a really good summary you must be able to:

suspend your own beliefs for a moment
put yourself in the shoes of someone else by playing the "believing game" Put Yourself In Their Shoes "Summarizing" inhabit the view of the author
see their argument from their perspective When playing the "believing game" try to: When playing the "believing game" well Readers should not be able to tell whether you agree or disagree with the ideas you are summarizing THIS MEANS! When not successful in playing the believing game you are likely to produce biased summaries (a preference that interferes with impartial judgement.)
Refer to page 32 in book

fall prey to "the closest cliche' syndrome" (which is not the view of the author in question actually express but a familiar cliche' the writer mistakes for the author's view) S.W.A.B SummarizingWithout Adding
Bias Know Where Your Going S.W.A.T Avoid using “list summaries” that simply inventory the original author’s points.
For Example:
Use signal verbs

argue believe encourage
deny suggest report
support reject observe
discuss insist recommend Know Where Your Going Summarize
Technique have a strategic way of how you are going to write your summary.

summarize authors in light of your own arguments by making sure your“they say” and “I say” are well matched. AND THEN HE SAYS...THEN ALSO HE POINTS OUT... AND THEN ANOTHER THING HE SAYS IS... AND THEN...... As a general rule,
good summaries require a balance between what someone else has said and your own interest One exception to this rule:

A satiric summary is when a writer deliberately gives his or her own spin to someone else argument in order to reveal a shortcoming in it.
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