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CAE Report

No description

Michael Brothwood

on 22 February 2014

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Transcript of CAE Report

A Report
Aims / Introduction
In this paragraph you say what you are going to write about, nothing more.

For this paragraph memorize a frame that you can use for all your reports. No excuses for mistakes in this paragraph.

The aim of this report is to provide an evaluation of the current situation at____________, based on a survey / questionnaire carried out by staff. It will also offer suggestions / recommendations for improvement.

This report aims to provide an overall view of the current situation at ___________ (theme park name), based on comments collected from customers. It will also provide suggestions and recommendations for improvement.
What is a report?
A report is a formal writing task. The target reader is usually somebody in a position of authority so register is very important. There is an example on page 188 of the students book.

A report can appear in part 1 and part 2 of the CAE exam. REMEMBER part 1 is compulsory so you need to know how to write reports well.

Here are some examples of report topics:
Business reports - company has problems describe them and offer recommendations.
Social reports - describe problems for young people today and offer recommendations.
School / university reports - evaluate a recent course / school trip and....... offer recommendations.
Paragraph titles
The task I want you to do is on page 113. You are going to write a report about the recent decrease in the number of visitors to a theme park.

Here are the paragraph titles:
Aims - say what the report will do
Criticisms - explain the critical comments
Praise - explain the positive comments
Recommendations - make recommendations

You have some comments left by customers to base your report on.

Each paragraph needs a title. The titles depend on the topic of the task. When you plan write your titles first. Here are some examples:

Introduction / Aims (you'll always have this)

Use formal linker:
Moreover / furthermore / in addition.
Notwithstanding, (instead of however)
On the one hand / on the other hand /
conversely, / In contrast,
due to / owing to (instead of because of)
The register of a report is formal. It should also be objective. You have to state factual information in an objective way. How can you do this?

People think that the theme park is outdated and old-fashioned. NO NO NO

The theme park is thought to be outdated and old-fashioned.

Use of nouns instead of verbs:
the pirate ship. NO NO NO
a lot of
out of the pirate ship.
about the cost of the rides. NO NO NO
We have received a number of
about the cost of the rides.
Do not write: "One of the comments said that Captain Hook's Ship was brilliant."
Do write: "Comments from the public indicate that Captain Hook's ship is a successful attraction."
Formal Language
Brainstorm different ways to say:

The future doesn't look good

Less people are visiting the theme park

Maybe this is because of__________

There aren't enough / any__________

More to choose from

pay one entrance fee

I recommend
Formal Language
Different ways to say:

The future doesn't look good
The outlook for the (theme park) is far from optimistic.
The future looks bleak / remains uncertain unless.........

Less people are visiting the theme park
There has been a dramatic / considerable / drop / fall / decrease in the number of visitors.

Maybe this is because of__________
This could be due to / attributed to the fact that_____________

There aren't enough / any__________
There is a lack / shortage of


More to choose from
A wider range of _______, a greater choice of ________

pay one entrance fee
pay a flat rate for entry

I recommend
I would (strongly) recommend that (the theme park) should ________
We need to expand / develop / modernise _________
I feel it would be to our advantage if________

More recommendation language:
Investment is needed in renovating / renewing / redesigning _________

Theme park vocabulary:
Rides / attractions / roller coasters / food stands / age / height restrictions / entrance fee /.
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