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Video Game Developer

what u have to do to be a video game developer

Matthew Guzman

on 28 March 2011

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Transcript of Video Game Developer

Video Game Developer Texas A&M University Texas Tech Uiversity Sam Houston State University SAT or ACT required Graduate-
in state-$10,900
out of state- $15,958 Undergraduate-
in state- $15,106
out of state- $24,406 SAT or ACT is required Undergraduate-
in state- $17,060
out of state- $26,360 Graduate-
in state- $14,164
out of state- $20,908 SAT-1010
ACT-18 SAT-1010
ACT-18 SAT-1010
ACT-18 Undergraduate-
in state- $17,060
out of state- $26,360
in state- $14,164
out of state- $20,908
SAT or ACT is required Earnings 3 Companies
I wish to work
for My 2 favorite games
of all time This mean all of the Halo games 4 schools I wish to go to High school
courses Colleges courses +
majors Skills for
career GPA-3.0 obove GPA-3.5
above GPA-3.7 above Video game developers are people who comprehend a complex
develoment of designing entertaining and interactive games.
It includes developing the story line, the layout, coming up with a computer code, graphics, develop AI for characters, music, and 3D animation sequeces. creativity work well as part of a team knowledge of current or up coming games understanding of technology 9th grade- english l, pre-AP geometry, pre-AP world geogtaphy, pre-AP biology, avid, band, and graaphic design and illustration 10th grade- english ll, pre- AP algebra ll, AP world history, pre-AP chemistry, avid, band, and audio video production 11th grade-english lll, pre-AP precalculus, AP U.S. history, pre-AP phisics, avid, band, and advanced audio (video) production 12th grade-english lV, AP calculus BC, AP government and politics, AP physics, avid, band, and practicum audio (video) production Related jobs •computer programmer,
graphic artist (software),
internet/intranet programmer,
website developer animation, interactive technology, video graphics, special effects, computer graphics,
Computer Programming/Programmer in General,
computer science & programming, computer software & media application, digital communications/media, graphic design, and webpage design

Art Institute of Austin play tester-$25,000 to $35,000 a year,
junior programmer-$40,000 to $65,000 a year,
senior programmer-$75,000 to $100,000 a year,
project manager/artistic and technical director-$70,000 to $125,000 a year
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