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I.B Design Cycle Tutorial

No description

Kristoffer Hedman

on 19 September 2014

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Transcript of I.B Design Cycle Tutorial

I.B Design Cycle Tutorial
Inquiring & Analysing
The first stage of the Design Cycle where you have to research about the topic.
Explain and justify the need
You have to explain the problem you have been given and who it is a problem for.
Identify and priorotize the research
You have to make a research plan (what you will research and how) thay says how the primary and secondary research is used in the solution.
Analyse existing products
You have to look at your research and see what can be used and what can not.
Develop a Design Brief
It meens that you have to write how you intend to design to solve your given problem and explain every feature of how to make a excellent solution.
In this stage you have to be creative make several different designs and choose the best one.
Developing Ideas
You basically have to write a list of things your design has to do for exampel
.The design has to be interesting
.It has to tell all the info effectively etc
Develop a design specification
You have to make different designs Ideas in a brainstorm mind map etc
Develop Design Ideas
You have to choose one Design Idea and make a new design of that Idea this has to be neet and detailed.
Present the chosen Design
Developing planning drawings or diagrams
Make a plan on how your Design will look like and how you will make a solution.
This stage is when you have to create your final product
Creating the solution
In this stage you have to create a plan withe dates on when you will start and finish your work.
Construct a logical plan
Demonstrate techical skills
Show how good you are at making your chosen product.
Follow the plan to make the solution
Use your plan to create your product to the best of your abilities.
If you made changes to the original design explain why.
Justify the changes made to the design

Design testing methods
In this stage you find a way to test your design project.
In this stage you have to grade your work.
Think about how successful your test was and how good it worked.
Evaluate the success of the solution
How can your product be improved in the future?
Explain how the solution could be improved
Explain how your product will have an effect on the community if it was published.
Explain the impact of the solution
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