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retire life

second draft

alfonso barroilhet

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of retire life

Managing a Growing Business Deana Becker
Alfonso Barroilhet
Eric Fudeman
Erin Vierstra
aging and elderly
service providers
living to hospice.
Megan Shea 65 years or older
38.9 million in 2008
12.8% of the U.S. population
uncle Charlie auntie Marge Uncle Glen´s new girlfriend April 2010
190,000 listings nationally
free listings

membership fee of $250 2010
only 30 companies have paid to list site visits from
300 to 10,000
per week
Company Background Achievements and Milestones The Opportunity The Resources the website cleaner and more professional feeling website

credibility to the company leads for businesses funding from friends and family
$85,000 + $50,000
still not cash flow positive Business Challenge ongoing resources
rate and review
network effect
two customer bases:

care providers
users of the service enhancement of the site creating value for both the paying customers and the non-paying user contribute to the site in a Web 2.0 manner

comment on the content Business Challenge Massachusetts in 2009 scaling nationally in November of 2010 national database of vendors sales force and the other resources

Efficient selling, marketing and hiring decisions User Retention and Content Creation Scaling Nationally Business Challenge Building the Right Team energetic
three key areas:
business development
Business Challenge
Efficient Selling customer acquisition costs building relationships with organizations

reach both potential users as well as providers
build content divide the sales force into geographic areas of specialty gain expertiese on the individual markets
personal relationships with key drivers, business associations or stakeholders credibility to the business model Business model
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