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Luke Hessler Presentation Powerpoint

Luke Hessler's powerpoint presentation to use at meetings and home events

Luke Hessler

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Luke Hessler Presentation Powerpoint

Verve YPR: Young People Revolution What is YPR all About? - 53% of of College Graduates are either unemployed or underemployed following graduation.
- "The average starting SALARY for 2011 graduates was $41,701" - Money.CNN.com Facts: - "Is Law School a Losing Game?" - NY Times
- Investment about $250,000
- "93 percent of grads were working"
- Average Salary $160,000
- "A law grad, for instance, counts as “employed after nine months” even if he or she has a job that doesn’t require a law degree." Even the "High Paying" Careers are Hurting - Mark Cuban thinks it will be the next housing meltdown (Self Made with a net worth of 2.3 billion)

- "The Coming Meltdown in College Education and Why the Economy Wont Get Better Any Time Soon"

- What caused the Housing Meltdown?

- If people get loans they cant pay back it can only lead to MORE DEBT and this caused the Great Recession!!!!!

- "Student loan debt has surpassed credit card debt and auto debt, according to the Federal Reserve Bank. Americans 60 and over owe $36 million, and more than 15 percent are still paying back student loans at age 50." - CNSNews.com How Bad is It???
- If you say what they say and do what they do, you will get what they get
"The cost of tuition and fees has more than doubled since 2000, and, at the same time, colleges have asked students to borrow more because of the decline in endowments and the easy availability of government and private loans. A third reason is the growth of for-profit schools in the last decade" - USNews.com SOME TRY AND SELL, WE TRY AND EDUCATE ARE COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES FEEDING US MISLEADING INFORMATION WHEN PROJECTING OUR LEVEL OF FINANCIAL SECURITY FOLLOWING GRADUATION FOR THEIR OWN PERSONAL GAIN?? If This is True, Why Don't We Know About It? - We assume that the Universities have our best interest at heart and forget that they are a business.

- How much money do you think the
University makes from parking tickets each year?

- Why are we REQUIRED to take (aka pay for) classes that we know will have no value to us and our future

- Why has tuition more than doubled since 2000 and the strength of the college has sharply declined?

- Why do all of our parents say to go to college then? What Do We Do Now? 2 options: Choose to ignore it and continue doing what we are doing or go do something about it and change.

How Can We Change? YPR How is That Possible? - Club Verve: A revolutionary new registered student lead organization that educates students on the current and ever changing financial times and allows them to work together as a team in order to build a residual income. - Work with a company called Vemma
- 150 Million dollar company based out of Scottsdale AZ
- Focused on their liquid vitamin "Vemma" for the last 7 years

E - Essential
M - Minerals
M - Mangosteen
A - Aloe The Product We Work With is Verve What's a Verve?
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