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Rome's Political Development

No description

Maddy Regier

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Rome's Political Development

Republic to Empire Empire to Divided Empires
285 BC In 509BC, Rome became a republic because they realized that kings were not the best idea for them. They got rid of their last king, Tarquin because of his violent need for power. There was also an incident with King Tarquin where he raped a Roman girl. That was when the romans had had enough and the start of a republic began. As time went on, there were also struggles that came about in the Republic government. Wealthy land-owners began to have more and more political power This led to the hunger for power ROME Monarchy to Republic Now that the empire of Rome was growing it was too big for one man to rule Diocletian decided to split it into east and west, each with its own ruler Diocletian Two empires to Barbarian Kingdoms!!! Now that there were two empires, the west was getting weaker and weaker without the east to provide profit This caused dramatic weakness in the warfare of the west
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