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Lilly Klein- Holocaust survivor!!!!!

Enjoy this amazing journey of a young girls life through the holocaust.

Natalie Pippin

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Lilly Klein- Holocaust survivor!!!!!

Lilly Klein
Holocaust Survivor
By: Natalie Pippin

Name: Lilly Klein
Birthplace: Mateszalka, Hungary
Born: September 29, 1927

Lilly's Corner
Lilly was the daughter of Sara and Sandor Klein.
She was one of eight children.
Lilly and her family moved to Debrecen, Hungary to be safe from the Nazis.
Germans Invade Hungary
The Germans invaded Hungary during March of 1944.
How it happened......
Germany and Hungary were allies, therefore they were expected to back each other up.
When Hungary realized that Germany was loosing the war, they tried to break the alliance.
Hitler (dictator of Germany) got mad and eventually ordered his troops into Hungary.
By 1944 the Nazis had secured the whole country of Hungary.
Lilly's Corner (continued)
Lilly was 17 when the Germans invaded.
Lilly and her family hid in a ghetto for two months before they were caught by some Nazi soilders.
Lilly was sent to two different camps during her concentration camp experience.
Fun Facts
about Lilly!!!!!!!!
This is Lilly
This is the Nazi symbol.
This is the Hungarian flag.
The train tracks leading straight into Auschuwitz (Major death camp).
Lilly's Corner (continued)
Lilly was going to be transported to the Aushuwitz death camp, but thankfully an Allied bomb raid from earlier broke the train tracks.
Instead, the people were transfered to Strasshoff concentration camp in Austria.
There Lilly was almost starved and was forced to work. If you couldn't work, you were automatically killed.
The Allies sucessfully liberated the camp in April 1945.
Lilly & her family survived, but just barely.
Lilly Klein died July 14,2003, at 76 years old.
Lilly and her family studied the Jewish religion.
Reflections, Reflections
My reflection to Lilly is that she was brave and helped her family. She survived the Holocaust because her family had the good idea to hide from their enemy. Although tired Lilly kept on working because she had to do it for her family. She didn't even know if her family was dead at this point. She was so courageous to keep on working hard about to die. Lilly Klein was an amazing woman who was brave, courageous, and had a powerful survivor story.
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