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How to Apply to College

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Trisha Uhler

on 14 August 2015

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Transcript of How to Apply to College

How to Apply to College
Step 1
Select schools that have your major/area of interest.

Most students apply to 5-7 schools. Apply to a couple of safety schools (you know you can get in), a couple of probable schools, and at least one reach school. You'll never know if you don't try!
Step 2
Take the SAT and/or ACT and send all scores to your potential colleges.
Step 3
Go to the college websites and find out their admission requirements AND how to apply to their school.
Step 4
Fill out the application COMPLETELY.

Read the instructions carefully to check for requirements such as essays, resumes, recommendation letters, or other supplemental materials.

Pay the application fee.

Don't forget to press SUBMIT!
Step 5
Request a transcript online through Naviance.

Your application isn't complete until they have received ALL of the required documents.
Search for potential colleges in Naviance or Big Future.

Sign up for college visits in Naviance.

Go visit the colleges. Every college has a different feel and visiting the school will help you decide if it's right for you.
Free/Reduced Lunch Students: You can receive 2- SAT and 2-ACT fee waivers for FREE! Request the waiver from your counselor.

Request scores to be sent directly to the schools you are applying to attend.

SEND ALL SCORES! Admissions offices will ALWAYS use your highest test score. The majority of schools take the highest score from a single test day; some colleges will take the best score for each section (this is called super-scoring).

Communicate with the college representatives. It shows them that you are interested in their school. Some colleges keep track of the contact you have had with them. Also, some college reps are the ones who read your application!
ApplyTexas.org is the application for all public univerisities in Texas and select private schools.

CommonApp.org is the application for over 400 public and private schools across the country.

If the school you are applying to is not using Apply Texas or Common App, complete the application on the school's website.
Most schools will require you to create an account for applying and/or for checking your application status. DO NOT LOSE this info! You'll need it later!
If an application says "recommended" or "optional" - DO IT! It can only help you, not hurt you!

Pre-write your response somewhere other than the application and have others edit it!

This is your chance to really let the college know who you are. Be creative, but answer the question. Most importantly - BE YOU!
Pay attention to deadlines!

Colleges have more applicants than they can admit, so they won't look at students who did not meet their deadline!

Know whether the deadline is postmarked by or received by!
After you've applied:
If anything changes in your application status, notify the university (your schedule, your family living circumstances, etc.)

Determine your TSI status. If you are attending a Texas public school, you will need to find out if you are exempt. If not, you will need to sign up for TSI testing. Students who are not TSI compliant have to take remedial courses in college - which cost money, but don't count toward graduation!

Complete scholarship applications! You will receive emails about scholarships, but also look on Naviance, fastweb.com, your college website, etc. There are numerous scholarships out there and it is money you do not have to pay back!

In January, complete the FAFSA form for financial aid.
Recommendation Letters

Request recommendation letters 3 weeks in advance.

Do not send more letters than the school will accept.

If a school has a Secondary School Report, you must have a counselor recommendation!
This clip about essays is from St. Ed's, but it is echoed by college reps everywhere.
Have more questions?

Visit Mrs. Mason or Mrs. Uhler in the College and Career Center (rm. 133) or visit with your counselor:
A-C Alisa Ellis
D-Ht Ashlee Pope
Hu-Ne Rebecca Lyons
Nf-Sa Geoff Harter
Sb-Z Gareth Horwood

Want more information?
Check out the College and Career Center web page. From andersononline.org, click on the students tab, then Anderson College and Career Center.

Also, follow us on Twitter @LCAndersonCCC
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