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The Balenciaga Story

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Sara Arbelaez Chujfi

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of The Balenciaga Story

By: Sara Arbelaez
Table Of Contents
The Balenciaga History
Cristobal Balenciaga
Trade Marks
Now a Days

4 Piece Marketing Mix
Conclusion &
Personal Opinion
Born: Getaria, Spain (Basque)
When: January 21, 1895
Occupation: Fashion Designer
Death: Alicante, Spain
When: March 23, 1972 (77)
His major influece = Mother, who was a seamstress .
Balenciaga, at the age of 12= Apprentice Tailor.
Carrier Builder= 1st costumer= The Marchioness de Casa Torres (Noble)
The Marchioness sent Balenciaga to Madrid to get professional training.
Success and Personality
Balenciaga was marked by success since the beginning.
1919- Balenciaga's 1st Boutique @San Sebatian
& later on Madrid and Barcelona.
Spanish Aristocracy and Royalty= Major Clients
Parallel to Balenciaga's success -> Spanish Civil War made him close the boutiques, making him move to Paris by the end of summer 1937.
Balenciaga's Life time partner died.
(Vlazio Zawrowski)
Balenciaga is triumphant once again with the famous "Tunic Dress"
Sack dresses, tall boots with harlequin tights and shorter hemlines.
Cristobal Balenciaga decided to close his lifetime fashion house.
Throughout The Years
Balenciaga'sTrade Marks
During the 40's Balenciaga had the most amazing volume conception.
The only couturier that was able to create a piece with his own hands from beginnign to end. ( Design, cut, sew)
Baby-doll (1958)
Personality Vs. Beliefs
Cristobal Balenciaga was known as the "Lonely Gentleman", very quiet, humble but with a very inner strong personality that caused several explosive reactions in his working place.
Balenciaga's reasons to close the couture house:
Innovation after war (NewLook) by Dior.
Evolving World.

Admires, Clients & Protegees
Jackie Kennedy
Ava Gardner
Princess Grace
Carmel Snow
Christian Dior
Diana Vreeland
"In a Balenciaga you were the only woman in the room. No other woman existed."
"The Master of us all"
"Balenciaga created not only a style but technique, he was the architect of haute couture."
"Balenciaga is a true couturier, he is able
to cut fabric, assemble it & sew it with his own hands.
The others are merely draftsmen"
Balenciaga NOW a days...
The Balenciaga house is owned by The Gucci Group.

Nicolas Ghesquiere (90s- 2012)
Alexander Wang (2012- )
Nicolas Ghesquiere
"Most Intriguing & original designer of his generation"
Nicolas Ghesquiere (French) was appointed the head designer of the Balenciaga house during the 90s.
He transformed the house back to a dominant force in the fashion world.
Ever since Ghesquiere took over Balenciaga, he is well known for using fragment ideas from the houses archives to show the true Balenciaga spirit.
Nicolas Ghesquiere's pieces for Balenciaga have attracted the strongest list of buyers and clients (Rich & Famous) ever.
"The Most storied fashion house"
4 Piece Marketing Mix

A. Founders Heritage
B. Innovative Design
C. Women & Menswear
* The brand has: Ready to wear, Leather goods
(shoes, bags, belts) Accessories (eyewear, jewelery), Cosmetics, Perfums.
The Lariat Bag
-Crated by Nicolas Ghesquiere (2001)
- Motorcycle Inspired
- First prototype was refused because the leather was too slack and during that period the trend was "stiff leather"
-Kate Moss saw the bag during a fashion show and pushed Ghesquiere to produce
- Real succcess (Best selling item of the brand)
Balenciaga uses all the possible promotion techniques available now a days.

1. Advertisements in Big Cities.
2. Constantly appearing in magazines around the world such as Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and Elle.
3. E-Commerce (www.Balenciaga.com)
4. Celebrities Marketing
5. Application for Smartphones
6.Social networks
Balenciaga is a brand based on luxury goods.

WOMEN: from $105 to $9950
MEN: from $85 to $2000
The prices of the Balenciaga luxury good change prices depende on the store location.
Asian Market = 30% more
Bag Ex: 1095 france
1130 Ukraine
1230 USA
Balenciaga has 6 exlusive boutiques in the USA, but many more around the world
*NewYork, Costa Mesa, Los Angeles
Vegas(2), Honolulu
Reputation and History (Creator, celebrities, designers.
Supported by a big group like Gucci group (PPR)
Most of the products are leather made which incentives costumers to buy a lifetime piece.
Big store web construction in major world markets.
***In Marketing "weaknesses" could become strengths and opportunities. If and when a new brand/marketing strategy is implemented.
Working fast with the new technologies and e-commerce.

Emerging in new growing economies like Brazil and India.
Seasonable Products
Competitive market
Brand Portafolio
Many brands competing on the same level like CELINE.
Young costumers are more likely to forget about brand faithfulness.
Very big costumer age gap.
Conclusion &
Personal Opinion

Balenciaga indeed is a brand with a rich history. In order to be successful one must fall a few times, and Balenciaga has proven to do so.

It comes to reality that those fashion houses who created a lifestyle statement by the conviction of the 20Th century are now a days the most successful.
Personal Opinion:
Balenciaga needs to be constantly studying the brand strategy that is being used.
Reinforcing awareness of the brand through the many stores they have.
Modernizing the brands history through a constant innovation.
Re-branding through the new designer but without loosing connection with the past.
"It is not easy to wear Balenciaga, It is above all choice to wear Balenciaga."
-Nicolas Ghesquiere
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