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Head of Year Presentation

No description

Ben Peacocke

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Head of Year Presentation

The tip of the iceberg.
School Vision
of academic and personal excellence, combining
international perspectives
and Chinese heritage
Integrating the School Vision
Implementing this vision
School spirit
: Designing a T-shirt, musical performances, poetry readings, Art competitions, "Spirit Week", school dances, leadership opportunities.

: Dollar a day, inter-disciplinary units, fund raising, CAS and Family Fun Day.

: Project Week (Peace education, cultural diversity, environmental concerns, Chinese heritage)
How to improve Year assemblies and LPD.
My Vision
The ideals that are at the core of the school vision are
student-centered learning
. These core ideals need to be an integral part of the Year assemblies and LPD so that they become a meaningful focal point of each week for our students.

Students taking ownership of the School vision.
If students are to be more responsible in upholding the ideals stated in the school vision, then they need to be more involved in its implementation.

I believe the Year assemblies and LPD are an ideal format in which to make this happen.
What is great about what is already happening.
What already exists
VSA students are already highly motivated, successful and self-assured.

Historically, LPD and assemblies have been focused on: Attitudes and Values, Self-Management Skills and Interpersonal Skills.

While these will remain essential areas of learning, there is room for development in
the students learn through LPD. We need to harness their motivation so that the students have more responsibility and input, thus rendering LPD and assemblies more:

with more
Inquiry Based Group Activities
and more
Student-Directed Learning and Assemblies
If a student has a personal ethical code, appreciates diversity, understands and acts upon global issues, has a sense of personal responsibility to a wider community, and has the capacity to lead then we have developed individuals equipped to make constructive contributions to society.
Head of Year Presentation
How to improve Year Assemblies and LPD
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