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Why is Brad Pitt a Celebrity?

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Group li

on 7 December 2015

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Transcript of Why is Brad Pitt a Celebrity?

Who is your Hero?
A Hero is...
Has done an act of kindness
Not for publicity,money or fame
Leaves a positive impression towards society
My Hero is Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt supported the following:
Three reasons why I chose Brad Pitt as my Hero
The Make it Right foundation
- Builds homes for victims of Hurricane Katrina

Jolie-Pitt Foundation
- Provides third world countries
with basic necessities

Make Poverty History Campaign
- Travels to countries to help spread awareness
Getting to know your Hero!
51 years old
William Bradely Pitt
Born December 18,1963
in Shawnee Oklahoma
Actor and producer
Won 60 awards
Nominated 115 times
My favorite actor

BY: Simone Calautti
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