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Darwin's Natural Selection

No description

Brady Beers

on 31 January 2017

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Transcript of Darwin's Natural Selection

Darwin's Natural Selection
Charles Darwin
Natural Selection
In 5 Parts
1. Variation between members of the same population.
1. How was your weekend?
2. Science Starter
3. Natural Selection Notes
4. Darwin's Game
5. Artificial Selection Contest
Science Starter
Which of these is not one of Darwin's five parts of natural selection?
A. There is variation within species.
B. Natural selection leads to rapid and observable changes.
C. Animals produce more offspring than can survive.
D. Surviving offspring have their parent's favorable traits
2. Some variations are favorable.
3. More offspring are produced than can survive.
4. Offspring that survive have their parent's
favorable traits.
5. Species change over time because of natural selection.
Darwin's Game
Diversity - The variation of all living organisms present in different ecosystems across the world.

Variation - Any difference between individuals of the same species
Adaptation - A process by which an organism is able to adjust and live successfully in an environment
1. Log in to your venue
2. Hop on the class Canvas page
3. Click on the assignments tab.
4. Click on the Darwin's Game link.
5. Follow the direction given to you on the YELLOW sheet.
6. Answer the questions on the WHITE sheet.
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