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Vietnam Infrastructure Update

ASEAN IS Infrastructure Workshop

Cuong Vo

on 22 October 2010

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Transcript of Vietnam Infrastructure Update

Vietnam WAN Diagram VIETNAM INFRASTRUCTURE UPDATE By Cuong Vo (26th April, 2010) WAN overview Users and Computers Devices Issues and challenges Systems/Applications PHU MY
User : 96
Laptop : 44
Desktop : 57 HO CHI MINH
User : 62
Laptop : 66
User : 23
Laptop : 15
Desktop : 20 BIEN HOA
(Beam Line)
User : 51
Laptop : 14
Desktop : 38 HA NOI
User : 16
Laptop : 15
Desktop : 1 CAN THO
User : 11
Laptop : 10
Desktop : 1 DA NANG
User : 4
Laptop : 4
Desktop : 2 User : 263
Laptop : 168
Desktop : 128
Computer total : 296 * Educate users by bi-weekly IT Tips,
and update on share point for later reference
* Tech refresh by leasing IT Tips Devices Servers
Multifunction Machine
Intermec printers
Access points
PABX Multifunction machines
Intermec Printers Handhelds
Access points
PABX Systems/Applications User mailboxes : already migrated to CBJ
Exchange server : will be decommissed Share point Common document sharing Meeting rooms reservation Emails Wifi system Global Mobility Wifi:
- Already worked at HCM office
- Will be rolled out for the other sites Local Wifi:
- Running at HCM, BH2 and PHY
- Serving for local users and handhelds considering solution Leave Management issues and challenges Will be in operation To be converted to VM Decommissed 29 Servers Server Barcode handheld Symbol
(Phu My : 7 units) Phu My : Ericson BP250
HCM : Panasonic TDA200
BeamLine : Panasonic TDA100
Hanoi, Lysaght : Panasonic KTX1232

There is no VoIP system at the moment Cisco 1231AG-E-K9 :18
Cisco 1131AG : 9 Facing Issues: Challenges ??? Hardware inventory
HCM office relocation
Rolling out of Global Mobility wifi for other site (Phu My, BHA, BH2)
Backup solution for servers
MA for servers, Intermec, VC, Handhelds, Network devices, PABX..
Upgrade cabling system for BHA
Computer, printer leasing Young team with less experience?
IS operations not standard yet?
How to motivate the team with the
new Helpdesk System environment? AP PABX Vo, Cuong HD
Acting Infrastructure Support Manager
(HCMC) Pham, Nam NH
Infrastructure Support Engineer
(Phu My) Duong, Duy T
Infrastructure Support Engineer
(Lysaght/BeamLine) To have a handshake
To share information
To exchange experience, knowledge and skills
To listen to the rare comments and suggestions
To bring back the needed stuffs to improve the VN team and system.
To give better and more perfect customer services. Your questions are appreciated!
That will helps us much on improving and passing through this challenge time. and others
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